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    I just played the game about 1 month ago after leaving it right when it launched . The problem with allods IMO is it gives you a bad taste right from the start .

    It takes for freaking ever to kill stuff in that game
    The the has overlly complicated stats system so you never know what stat is best for your character on armor and stuff ( im talking about new players )
    There are random elite like mobs that just like 2 shot you . You can be running to do your quest with the red ball auto pilot thing and then suddenly your dead >.<
    People are pretty unfriendly in that game . I tried talking to people on several occasions but only got rude replies or no reply at all
    The art is nice if you like the wow style cartoony has better graphics then wow ...but its years and years behind games like Tera and GW2 graphics wise .
    The combat is really slugish and boring
    Anyways that is just my opinion from playing for like 2 weeks ...I much prefer games like wow or everquest 1 or 2 over Allods because the community is more friendly and really allods story is boring and very forgetable . Even after 2 weeks I really can't tell you what the game is about lore wise ...honestly

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    pfft as if you care..
    i just remember playing on release or a beta or something like that and once the goldsellers appeared you couldnt get a word on chat without it disapearing from the spam and there not being a way to block them

    and i remember the leveling getting really slow past 25ish i never got to the actual flying ships and the allods stuff as it just took too long even making a new char just felt so dull and repetetive that i never really bothered going back

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    *Thread necro*

    I've always liked Allods and keep it up to date on my second hard drive even if I don't regularly play it. If nothing else it has a really nice soundtrack to listen to.

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