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    Does dancing steel stack? (dual wielding)

    Hey there guys. I was just wondering does dancing steel stack as a DW WW monk. Some people double enchant their weapons with dancing steel while some do dancing steel/windsong. I recently enchanted my OH with steel thinking it would work like windsong, but I'm not too sure. Here are some lfr logs, not sure if I was just unlucky with procs or I shouldn't have both enchanted with the same thing.


    Thanks guys

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    It does. I've seen it quite a few times on my rogue. Works just like Landslide.

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    It does stack but I'm not too sure yet how often it procs.

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    On my elegon kill last night where i had a 99.6% active time, dancing steel was up 63.3 %. I have noticed for most fights it hovers around 60% uptime. Using dw, enchanted on both.

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