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    They only removed the rep requirements for JP gear and not Valor gear. I don't mind the daily quests but I think overall the content of MoP is sound but when everything is tainted with cheap time wasting tricks like larger than normal (but not challenging) mob health pools and no spirit flying and bags filling up at a ridiculous rate requiring time to micro manage and the enjoyment does become tainted. Hell. most of the ideas to bring back World PvP seem to have backfired at least on my server as most people just want to finish what they are doing and don't have the time or energy to get into PvP leaving me having had two World PvP battles in this xpac that was supposed to bring it back. When people complained about a lack of content in Cata, Blizzard tossed everything they had into this xpac, unfortunately that includes mundane time sinks everywhere for no reason other than to slow us down.
    I can honostly say that I have never heard anybody complain about no spirit flying and bags filling up. Lol. And about the time wasting 'tricks'. You know you're playing a video game right? That in itself is wasting time. Gee, there are things in the game that you can do over and over, and somehow that is a 'trick'? I think the tricks on you for thinking that playing a video game is anything other then a 100% waste of time.

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    Pet Battle Rankings on Wowprogress are weird. Why is having 3 of a poor quality pet worth more points than having 1 rare? Useless...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alceus View Post
    Rise of the Legion?
    The Legion is still there, in big numbers, ready to strike.

    I'd rather go with:

    World of Warcraft: Impending Dooooooooooom!

    Is that when the gnomes go crazy and invent nuclear bombs? :P

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    So I'm wondering, with the brawler's guild thing, since it doesn't seem to be instanced, how are they going to ensure everyone gets to see this content? It doesn't seem like it is directed toward hardcore players or casuals, but more so for everyone. Also, what kind of systems do they have in place that keeps people from camping the npc's that start the events? For and so is in a party with someone who is doing the brawler's guild, so he just stands there and starts the matches for them. I'm interested, because on paper this brawler's guild sounds awesome, but does it actually work? You must put in the variable that players are dicks most of the time.

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    I think inside wrathions locked box is a key to other planets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breshone View Post
    Pet Battle Rankings on Wowprogress are weird. Why is having 3 of a poor quality pet worth more points than having 1 rare? Useless...
    Yep from what I saw it's pretty much get 3 of every pet you can find and show off your big numbers...

    Also someone mentioned that they never heard of complaints about bag space and not being able to fly in ghost form...there have been tons of complaints about these things, nothing game breaking but when you die eg: in jade forest at the dragon faction and you get ported up to a pillar with a gy on it and the only way to get down because of silly coast placement is to "force" spawn then that's a bit silly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    I think inside wrathions locked box is a key to other planets.
    It's another crappy rogue legendary...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merp View Post
    Pretty much this.
    After an expansion mainly based around Pandas and the pretty uninspired Monk class, almost anything will sound amazing.
    (No, don't even start telling me how stupid I am and how fantastic Pandaria is: rather try and talk about it to any non WoW-fanboy above 14y/o and he will tell you that the very concept is childish and lame. And no, don't tell me that we already have elves and orcs: not every fantasy element is equally childish or lame, there's lots of fantasy that more mature audiences appreciate, but it does not involve pansy pandas...).

    Bring the Burning Legion back, please.
    Ask most people above the age of 14 and they'll tell you that playing video games, let alone MMORPGs where you socialize with anonymous people on the internet, is childish/lame, whether it involves pandas, elves, demons, etc. What's your point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raeion View Post
    It's obvious that the next expansion is going to be about burning legion ( with all these locks quest chains and black temple )
    An interview recently did state that MoP wasn't their original planned expansion. I imagine they did this early in the design process, but I feel like the Legion expansion was supposed to be the next one, and this Warlock/BT stuff was going to be in the expansion.

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    and here I thought Blizzard would announce their next expansion to be shit.

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    I am fairly certain the legendary, Wrathion quest chain will be the most insightful piece of information regarding the future of Azeroth. The direction of this quest chain will show us what our next expansion will be. Blizzard seems hell bent on making him a huge player in the shaping of the world going forward. With that being said, I would love to see the Burning Legion return. I think it is safe to say that the majority of the players do not care whats next, as long as it truly seems epic. To me, again I think most would agree, the return of the Legion seems as epic and as grand of an event that there could be. You stave of the legion once and it almost ruined two worlds, only to have them come back stronger AND with their leader, the most powerful and most feared entity known in the universe.

    Blind faith tells me there is something larger about this whole Garrosh thing at the end of the xpac. I think we will see something we were not expecting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farabee View Post
    They just released a new expansion and they're already hyping the next one? Seriously? At this point it feels like all we'll get is these 3 raids with all the gating going on.
    Yea its funny.

    The next thing we'll hear is blizzard telling the gamers that it's there fault MoP lost so many million subscribers cause we over-hyped the game.

    Nothing like blizzard starting the hype train years in advance. Leaves them room to blame the gamers later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wraylas View Post
    Poossibly WoW: the emerald dream, then wrap it up. Or is it to soon?
    Wrap it up? WOW has at least 20 years left
    @Ghostcrawler:Some advice: [My pet issue] is why there were sub losses is one of the weaker arguments players use. Players don't have that data.

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    Lets explain why he makes this comment now. Titan will be talked about alot next 2 years. Soon after Cata launched BLizzard put quite a bit of press out about Titan and got huge stick when 4.1 launched with 2 rewamped dungeons. At the same time press articles were saying many WOW devs had moved on to Titan and WOW sub money was used to cover the design cost of Titan.

    This time around... they are trying to make it look like they are not just thinking Titan. Its mostly PR tho - and everyone with half a braincell knows it.

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    Pet Battle Rankings

    Fuck yeh, now we can finally have more 8 year olds play WoW
    Are we are going for "pet battle E-Sports" next?

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