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    How do I get a level 1 guild off the ground?

    I really want to get this guild going. Really want to get a good social guild started. So I'm giving it a shot, but what's the best way to get it started. I currently have 5 members, but everyone else seems to be declining my invites. It's level one, I started it a few hours ago. Any help would be appreciated, and tips.

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    If you have any friends get them to join the guild even on alts, then just run some quick dungeons together 3+ and you'll rank the guild up really quickly from guild achievements. From there it will make recruiting people much easier since the vast majority of social players just want a guild for the perks. If you have spare gold pay people to do runs with you to get the achievements, obviously make sure they are in the guild first

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    Do you just randomly spam people with invites? If so, it's no wonder that you're not getting off the ground. The people who click accept on those are the ones looking for guild perks, which you don't have, and aren't likely to contribute to making your guild a "good social" guild. Random invites tend to be very annoying to most people.

    What you need to accept is that building a good guild takes time - start small. Invite people to run dungeons with you, ask them if they want to join your guild afterwards, etc. Help out newbies in low level areas. Be honest and upfront when advertising, and don't spam. Encourage your guildmates to recruit, using the same guidelines.

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    with just two people, we leveled a guild 1-15 in a month. five people should be super fast, provided they actually play.

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    Make a macro /tar guild / cast levitate---- should get it off ground

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    Doing dungeons seems reasonable.

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    A year or so ago I decided to form a guild. The only other member I had to start out with was my best bud from High School. So there is the first thing I recommend- a partner in crime. It could be a person you meet in a dungeon with similar views, or it could be a personal friend. Quite frankly it doesn't matter who the person is, as long as you share the same view on what you want your guild to be.

    As for recruitment, I avoided Trade Chat advertisements like the plague starting out. I only touched those once we became a raiding guild. The thing I did to recruit new players was camp a starting zone like Razor Hill, and offer aid to guildless individuals (better if they have no heirlooms). I used this as my recruitment tactic for the first month, simply to get people who actually grew to know and like each other, and to kind of to make the guild their first home in WoW. Side note: This tactic is far more alluring to players if you have a two-seater mount.

    After a few months my roster grew to 5 people who were just friends screwing around. Guild dungeon runs, and as our ranks grew to 8 people (gasp!), we began Old Raids.
    Slowly but surely people will invite their friends out of guild to tag along, and if your team is welcoming enough, they might join.
    Things will begin to repeat themselves- your guild does social things, your members invite friends to encourage the social aspect, and those friends join the happy mob.

    So; find at least one like minded individual to make your second in command (really helps with the start-up), invite people the way you'd want to join a guild, and just expand by having fun with the people already in the guild.

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    I remember arena being really good for grinding guild rep, I would imagine that its the same for exp.

    If you are decent at pvp, try some 2s.

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    Guild levelling is ridiculous. Two maybe three MoP daily quests give 1% of a level so even a few people can make a real difference. If the five people you already have actually group up and do things like dungeons and arena together then the levels should come in fast and thick. Once you have a few perks you can maybe start spam invites to get people, but I'd advise against that. The best social guilds imo are the small, tight knit ones and those are the ones which have no quick and easy way to develop. Keep being social with the people you have and you will attract more people that you actually want in your guild, rather than spamming /ginvites and having a hundred people saying nothing as they hang about for the perks.

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    My guild is just me and my boyfriend currently and we have leveled it 1-9 in about a month with only very very casual play. (Basically him leveling a character 85-90, me leveling two characters 85-90, and us both doing some dailies, sometimes, when we feel like it)

    It's currently almost level 10. We were going to open it up but we realized we sort of liked the silence so at this point we've decided to only invite good friends if we invite anyone.

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    If you wish to level the guild as fast as possible. Inv low level characters, all quest reguardless of level will earn 60k guild exp. Its helps that players are leveling up monks / pandas.

    Have fun events. Molten core naked runs, Mog runs, Achievement / Mount runs, BG farm groups. Stuff like that gets players together and build bonds. Have Raid Teams with timed events like clearing MC, KARA, GRUUL, BT.

    Do stuff as a guild such as Leveling teams, Pet battles, Mog runs, Dailys, Heroics, everything. All these will also show you who can follow instructions and would make a good max level list raider.

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