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    Choosing the spec for our raid healing combo

    I recently started raiding in this guild, and on our second raid, two of our healers decided to leave the guild (some private stuff)
    Anyways, because of this, we had to pick what ever we could regard healers and ended up with:

    Me, as a Priest.
    A Holy Paladin.
    A Restro Druid.

    Now, my question is, which spec of of the two, Disc and Holy, would be best in this combination?
    I've been running Holy up until now, but I wondered if maybe Disc would benefit our raiding team more?

    Any help/advice?
    Or does it depend more on the fights? ( I would prefer to be able to have Shadow as an Offspec >: )

    Looking forward to see what you got!

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    In general, the more paladins the better. It's a sad but true truth that never gets outdated. Paladins are still in that extreme sweet spot between being flexible, efficient and powerful.

    That said, I found that the holypriest is really kicking ass in many ways this expansion thanks to our strength of burst healing. Not sure it's the best healer given how fast we can burn though a manabar (compare that to monks), but it's damned strong at least. HPS is our game, and we're really good at it. While the mana lasts. Any raid setup that offers your holypriest more mana is a good raid setup in that aspect.

    As for disc... my experiences are solely negative this expansion. So cannot really say I am the right person to comment. Elegon is probably the fight where disc makes the most sense right now due to the tight enrage timer and smite+atonement helping on that. But in general, it just feels overall worse to me.
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    Go with holy. You setup is the same as mine right now: Holy Pally + Resto Drood with me as the hybrid class. If you want to synergize slightly with shadow then reforge haste>crit>mastery. If you want to maximise throughput for holy then reforge haste (to 3039)>mastery>crit. I usually take the talent Power Word: Solace because I did some theorycrafting that says you only need to do 8 PW:Solace a min + Shadowfiend to beat out Mindbender and I'm always spamming solace when I'm not healing.
    Heroic Feng I get returns of 250k mana just from solace.

    Edit: Check out my parses here, http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/t...?s=1117&e=1595
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    Have to agree with the above..

    Go Holy, even tho im a disc priest at heart but holy is just very good atm and im starting to like it more and more.
    Chakra dancing can be fun if u do it right depending on fights and stone guard combination.
    Specially if u can blanket most of the raid with renew at times and refresh with cascade on each target while in serenity.

    The burst Holy priests can provide is just outstanding, just be smart with that friendly blue bar.
    Find ur sweet spot with spirit, and adjust once again when u get in hardmodes.

    Right now, u cant go wrong with holy.
    Disc is viable but compared to Holy it feels weak in power and mana.

    If u got 5% spell haste during raid, try to see if y can reach 4721 rating, seeing u want shadow offspec that much haste wont be a waste if u need ur offspec. This gives ur Glyphed renew an extra tick as well, not to mention the amazing lightspring glyph (4716 rating) gets one extra as well. Not hard to reach this 4721 rating either, unless ur <463 gear.

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