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    Are they not? I simply couldn't live without some of my glyphs, even if they don't increase my damage. Hell, I'm still trying to find someone to make me Black Ice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senjinone View Post
    People that say that the new system is like the old system: No options and just one good pick of glyphs and talents are just bad players that cant think out of the box.
    or we are restricted by a box called [Min Maxing for raids] and if we think outside the box we make things harder for 9/24 other that case it's not thinking outside the box it's just being an asshat!

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    Simple answer: no, i prefer the fun ones over actual use, we played without them for quite awhile, so i'm good with them not being reliant upon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelle View Post
    Isn't it a bit early to be nostaligic about glyph changes?

    Give it 6 months...
    Patience doesn't exist on the internet. People were nostalgic about Wrath of the Lich King two months after Cataclysm released.

    I like the new glyphs, personally. Minors are fun and cosmetic, and majors are actually options rather than requirements. There are a couple of exceptions, of course, but overall "using X glyph instead of Y glyph" isn't something to laugh at a person about unless they're just REALLY messing it up and using, say, shadow majors for holy or something to that extent.
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    I actually have difficult decisions to make now when it comes to glyphs and talents. I never used to, and i rarely changed them. So no, i am the complete opposite of the OP.

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    I regularly swap a glyph or two for the one or the other boss... That's more than I did in all of Cata. And when I start doing some PvP again, I'll be swapping glyphs back and forth even more frequently.

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    I had the absolute best glyphs for my spec back in Cata, don't ask me which ones they were tough because I don't remember, I just picked the ones the intrawebs told me to.

    Now I actually have some personal choices there. They don't affect my gameplay much, but at least when they do I know it's because of something I chose rather than some of the many mysterious things I copy pasted from Elitist Jerks.

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    i like the theory behind the current glyph system, but for some classes i've found that PVE wise sometimes there isnt really anything you need . . . they seem a bit wishy washy etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Togasa View Post
    The new glyph system is good, when raiding I sometime realise that changing glyphs for a particular boss fight is very advantageous.
    As a protection paladin I have to agree with you. I always bring a lot of tomes because I have to keep changing them for different fights.

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    I would agree with new people that the new glyph system is infinitely better except... I play a disc. Now, for raiding I have some very interesting choices I can make depending on the fight, which I find very enjoyable. The problem is, like to PvP and while disc has many glyphs I would like to try, we have three mandatory major glyphs you just can't PvP without. It was really a huge disappointement not to get any variety there.

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