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    Quote Originally Posted by Sills View Post
    They drive me nuts. Seriously I have grey hairs from dealing with them!

    Also that comic sums up the situation perfectly! Love it.
    I agree that comic sums up both situations quite perfectly. The stupid NPCs and the type of person playing wow that actually enjoys doing dailys... in the last box of the comic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madrox View Post
    I love how the hunter NPC is the complete opposite of hunters in live and does absolutely zero damage.
    He's exactly like hunters in live, always staying at max range especially when he doesn't need to and disengage pulling the whole island whenever possible.

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    I especially hate the dailies in the Mantid area. That damn stealth dismounts me at the most inconvenient times.

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    They are dumb as soap. That's a fact Jack. I wish I could have my Kalaxxi buffs everywhere. I kinda miss doing their dailies just for the boss buffs!
    I'd prefer my orcs to stand up straight.

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    did you guys know you get an ach for doing all the set of dailies without the companion?sorry if someone mentioned it already.

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    I uh don't find a huge issue with them. I mean, sometimes they get in my way when they're on their kites... I can't remember having literally any of these issues you guys say you're having. Sometimes they attack things that aggro on me when I'm picking things up in flight form, but that's pretty druid specific and working as intended, plus I can just fly away and reset it. They also attack things that I'm in combat with but aren't my tag, but that is because they attack things that you are in combat with. That usually only happens for the spirit dust and yangoul shit quests, so I just jump off the ledge into the water to reset if I'm done my quests but still in combat.


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    Meh, it's not too bad. They tend to pull extra mobs, so kinda have to be careful with that, but they do add quite a bit of damage.
    The worst thing about them for me is their damn kites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by googla View Post
    Im struggling with these companions everyday, they dismount, mount, dismount, mount get in combat and gods know what the fuck they are doing. Am i the only one thinking they are completley useless? Need to complete 15 quests with each though for achievement
    I find Taoshi, Snow Blossom, Lao-Chin, Yalia and Chao marginally useful, the rest I find utterly useless... the only ones I really bother taking anyone with me are when I get to take Taoshi or Snow Blossom... the 3rd group I just suck it up and do it myself.

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    At the beginning they where chain pulling everything, atleast those at the spirit dust quests, but not anymore somehow. but the hunter on is useless as hell, running in to melee putting up traps, breaking cs, putting up hunters mark to increase ranged dmg only..

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    The only ones I like is the tank and frost Mage that pops heroism. Even though she pops heroism randomly, never when you actually need it (like when the mob is at 5% she pops hero) 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    Got my Onyx Cloud Serpent today. Never have to do their dalies again. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Winstonwolfe View Post
    In other words, he's worried about how sharp your bayonet is when you are firing RPG's.

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    Taoshi is bugged, and her debuff that increase damage mob take by 15%, doubles it instead. I don't complain :P. Frost mage Hero is fantastic, but rest of them... ugh.

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    Its bugged to hell. Did 6 sets of dailies with Fei Li and no credit. Also silent assassin is bugged. Completed it literally 9 times. Used the smoke bombs to vanish, counted the kills, dismounted for 1 minute before handing in. No credit.


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    Doing 3 sets with hawkmaster was a pain, because he would pull everything, but not attack anything.

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    i managed to do assasin ach , doing it 4 times solo and dismounting , duno why 4 tho got credit and amen dont wana really look into it , was a pain already .
    Doing the one getting along , well so far as rogue i jus vanish and wait or alt tab until they die reset or whatever doesnt bother much cos i really alt tab often so (goes slower goes hard but its still doable ...)

    I have serius problem with the one of taking no dmg ,,, getting someone to do everything for you i was told works ? need to test that one as i see it the most annoying not hard just annoying :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratyrel View Post
    Just makes the achievement that much more of an achievement
    "Great joke, Batman."

    Indeed it does.

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    what about the 100 yards range they have aggroing every pat in the island, no matter how far u bring ur mob pack, their in range for the npc >.>

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    I'm happy to be almost done with it. Just missing 1 quest from the priest and 1 set without priest/mages. Not even gonna bother with "Know your role" - did the bombing without taking no dmg at all (picked the kegs without getting in combat or hit) - no credit. Fuck that. Not gonna bother with the "kill exact number of mantis" either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudor View Post
    Its bugged to hell. Did 6 sets of dailies with Fei Li and no credit. Also silent assassin is bugged. Completed it literally 9 times. Used the smoke bombs to vanish, counted the kills, dismounted for 1 minute before handing in. No credit.

    You must have the official tag (not shared) with the final quest boss to get credit for Silent Assassin.

    Fei Li also hasn't given me credit, and I've picked her for at least 4 days worth of dailies. Sadly, I can't offer any insight on that one, except that maybe the tracking is simply bugged as it is with Pandaria Safari (try completing the other NPCs and see if you get credit).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senimaru View Post
    Plus when combat finishes they sometimes mount up,and from my camera angle,they get in front corpses i wanna loot.fml.
    It's similar to any class that has pets. It's annoying. lol.

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