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    Murder of Crows on Rogues


    Can anyone in beta please test Murder of Crows against rogues. What I'd like to know is:
    1. Is it removed by cloak of shadows
    2. Is it removed by vanish. If yes, what happens if he attacks you after vanishing - do the crows go on him again?
    3. If you scatter shot a target, do the crows stop attacking for the duration of the CC like your pet does?

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    I too would like to know if it breaks rogues out of stealth. I would guess it does not because the birds are mobs that will drop aggro when the rogue vanishes.

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    You can't remove it without cloak because it's not a dot or anything, you will still resist it if it's magic dmg while cloak last though, I can't imagine not to. Crows should stop attacking you when you vanish.
    I will test this later, atm I'm enjoying steamrolling everybody with a bugged call beast.

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    right now, it just takes you out of stealth after the vanish buff disappeared.

    Sorry for necroing, but didn't find another thread on this and figure'd i'd tell here rather than making my own thread

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    I think it has changed pretty substantially since this post was made (during beta), as well. It used to call down actual individual units that would each attack on their own, and kind of worked in an abnormal way to your traditional ability. Now it's just a DoT with an animation of crows attacking. Don't know if it affects rogues vanishing/etc. differently though than it did then.

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