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    Balance - Imperial Vizier Zor'lok dps help


    So these are our two nights of logs (Lots of fails) but getting there. I just feel like my dps is low, compared to other Moonkin logs I've seen. bare in mind these are without heroism/double pot because of the wipes.

    http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...handu/advanced (Armoury) =)

    Any help would be appreciated, it is my off spec, but due to having loads of healers I'm going dps for this. I am getting the Dm trinket on Sunday so that should help quite a bit.


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    I'm trying to get help on this as well... and even my logs compared to yours, (mind you I'm only 477atm) is quite a change. I was just wondering what you were casting during Attenuation? are you spamming moonfire/sunfire according to what eclipse you're in? or trying to sneak in wraths?

    we have 3 melee, a ele shaman who can LB, a mage who can scorch, and a hunter... and then me (balance). Fee like I am the weak link out of all those classes...

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    if youre looking for how to up your dps on that specific encounter ignore the haste breakpoint and superduper stack as much crit as you can for starsurge procs while moving.

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