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    [PvP] Gemming, reforging and stats question

    Hey all,

    So I'm having a little problem I guess. I recently switched gems to mostly pvp power only (the 320 ones), giving me 30% exact. I was doing bgs and couldn't help but feel like my damage actually got worse (replaced some agi gems to convert to full pvp power ones). I don't know if it was cause of the lack of agi or if I was going against better geared people than before. Any suggestions?

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...andasex/simple

    I switched back some gems and am now hovering right around 27.5% power with a little more agi than before.

    Also had a question on what I'm supposed to reforge to for sub pvp. I converted all crit -> haste and same with mastery. Didn't seem to help very much. I checked EJ and their EP values for sub still say to go for haste but idk.
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    You need better weapons before your damage is going to feel decent. And even then it will only feel decent inside cooldowns.

    Also, crit is really shit for rogues now. All of our crit damage modifiers were removed. Full mastery reforging worked best for me as Subt until I decided I liked Combat PvP more. Haste is not a good PvP stat. Most of the EP weight for haste comes from increasing our auto attack speed and the poison procs we get from that. In PvP, your uptime is nowhere near what it is in PvE. The increased energy gen from haste is fairly negligible.

    Also, I wouldn't go for resil socket bonuses or use resil hybrid gems for most comps. More damage is more valuable.

    As far as your current gear state, you're missing a belt buckle and an enchant on your cloak. You're also slightly over hit cap and a little more than slightly under exp cap. I would throw agi on bracers too.

    EDIT: Also, you need a wep chain... Dancing Steel on MH once you get a good one.
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    But, I do feel obligated to say the standard series of caveats that I give everyone though, and that this EP weight is for sustained patchwerk-like DPS and performance. Also, they don't reflect the spread and that causes higher RNG burst, or lower RNG burst. As in, Cata PvP Sub deviated towards crit > haste despite haste being worth more in the sustained environment. I'm not the person to figure out how all this applies to PvP, but hopefully this will help whoever else decides to tackle that question.

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