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    Smile Motherboard change and adding a hdd questions..plz help

    First i changed the motherboard ..then i noticed i need to reinstall windows 7 ... so i tired to reinstall my oem win 7 ...it wouldn't repair or load my old copy of win 7 ...so i order a new copy of win 7 and a new hard drive . So my question is how hard is it to reinstall win 7 on my old hdd and can i delete all the old crap on it ? ...or should i throw away my old hdd and do a fresh install on my new one? plus i really like to keep both of them can if i can delete the crap off the old hdd. thanks in advance for the help.

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    Keep your old drive, but I would use it as storage instead of the install drive now. When you boot to the Win7 DVD you have options to delete partitions. When I do a fresh install, I delete all of my partitions and have the Windows installer format and create new ones. Just click drive options when you are selecting your device to install to. It is pretty self explanatory, and if you mess it up, you can just restart the process. Formatting the drive does no harm to a drive and clears all of the data off so that anything you install after that is a clean fresh install.

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    thanks Demoness ...this really helped me a lot !!!

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    I am very glad to help!

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