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    Currently Viable 3v3 Setups?


    Wanted to ask what would be good, viable 3v3 setups.

    I would rather not play TSG or PHDK tho altough I'm sure it is an option.

    Things I was considering is:

    Frostmage/Frost DK/Heal


    Hitlercleave maybe since diseases tick so high now, also roiling blood :3 ?

    Double Healer + DK (Especially want to know about this one! Because of the current burst of KFC also because I've seen a double heal + DK team on 2,4 this season)

    Thanks in advance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fleepz View Post
    I would rather not play TSG or PHDK tho altough I'm sure it is an option.

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    OT, but who the hell makes up these comp names

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraeth View Post
    OT, but who the hell makes up these comp names
    Seconded: hitlercleave? KFC?
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    Any arena team with a Warrior in it is as good off as anyone will ever be, let's put it that way.

    Honestly either TSG or TSG with a Druid. (no, I'm not gonna say TreeSG)
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    Well I really would like to play something else than TSG or PHDK D:

    Also Hitlercleave because double unholy DK. Old desecration spamm looked like gas clouds when they appeared that's why.
    KFC because Kung Fu Cleave (Warrior and Hunter jumping around like Ninjas with heroic leap and disengage)

    So any thoughts about the combos I suggested? Anyone made some experience with them this season?

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    Why dont you play a comp that isnt a FOTM team and actually takes skill to win. Obviously you probably wont hit 2200+ but in all honesty do you really feel like you accomplished anyhting when you play a fotm comp and his 2600 ratings when every player on youeam is keyboard turning.

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    Try it out and see?

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    You're putting to much emphasis on the setup, you can get almost every setup you can think of to 2.2k, if that is what you aim for if everyone plays good enough and goes in for it 100%.

    The setup you mentioned will of course work that high if you are competent players and know eachother, it's just about communication. Anything with a dk right now feels very squishy I'd say, mostly any class can blow them up after AMS and some even during or before, well that is how it feels over on the EU ladder atleast, dno where you play. Double dk or even double healer+dk doesn't sound to capable though. Right now I'd say dk fits into teams with high pressure or burst that plays on a very offensive basis to avoid the obvious lack of defense dks have and sustainable CC. Regarding double healer and dk that doesn't sound like it would survive a competent to low range KFC who just flat out shits in your mouth with some randomly tossed cc on the healers. You will die in a shockwave stun with a scatter/silence shot on your two healers at some point in the game, unless the warrior just solo's you on his own.

    Just pick what fits your playstyle the most, you will probably have to experiment a bit with it to find which one suits you the most but you'll get there, don't play one just because it looks "good", mostly all setups are good if you yourself and partners are good, simple as that. Just look at the RMP teams that are still top teams eventhough priest are dog and rogues are not far much better.

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    Frost Mage/Frost DK/Resto Shaman - very strong comp. Good damage output, wait for the right timing and do hard switches and blow up targets in 3-5 seconds. Having so many offensive dispels works wonders for demolishing others. Soon as a healer pops their trinket it's GG with sheep into a deep into a strang/CS/focus grip - while you're chomping away at your kill target who has no buffs due to icy touch, spell steal and purge.

    UH DK/Feral/Hpally - Good fun, spread those lovely disease around putting out high pressure then go for a kill on either a caster or healer and lock them down from casting.

    but really - play TSG if you just want easy 1800+. It's strong and fun to play.

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    TSG & PHDK is pretty much the only viable comps right now.

    Btw double healer & DK hasn't been viable in a looong time.

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    warrior/warrior/spectator is always fun

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