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    Front Panel Mic In/Audio In Not Being Detected

    Hey, so the title states it all, but here are some details. Googling my issue did not get me anwhere.

    I am using the Razer Chachriasafkjsdgja, and I am running on a fresh install of Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate, on a new harddrive.

    Previously, before the fresh windows install, my front panel jacks were working fine for both my headset and the mic on the headset. I merely had to go into my sound options if I wanted sound to run through my headset rather than my speakers (mic was always on).

    However, now the front panel jacks aren't being detected at all. All the audio settings in my BIOS are enabled for jacks. I already know that both the rear and front jacks work just fine due to my previous windows install on my old harddrive.

    My sound drivers are Realtek HD Audio, v2.66. The newest drivers don't actually work for me right now, so I reverted back. However, I don't see how that could be a problem right now.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    bump =P Could still use some help

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    I know it may sound stupid but is the front panel audio connected to the motherboard? Other than that, try updating your sound drivers.
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    Yeah, its connected. I never disconnected them, and sound drivers are updated.

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    While going back to an older version of your sound drivers, did you really, really remove and de-installed the previews version?
    That was my problem back then.

    Besides that, I'd double-check everything. Everytime something similar happens to me and I always say to myself I did not change a thing... later it came out, that I actually forgot/changed something in the end.. than it's facepalm time.
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    Yeah, I made sure I uninstalled any previous sound drivers before installing the ones I have now. I Always do that.

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    Still looking for help.

    Drivers up-to-date, it's a fresh install of Windows.

    My Razer Carcharias headset is not being detected in front panel jacks on my computer. They are connected in every way, BIOS, physically, etc. This has happened to me before, but my brother fixed it, and he is not around.

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