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    Leveling like engineering is your class

    So I was making an alt the other day and trying to think up of what class fits a gnome the best. I started thinking, wouldn't it be cool to have engineering as a class, instead of a profession. That got me thinking, would it be possible to try that now? I've seen players level characters fully without killing, naked without weapons, etc. Surely this would be possible. You'd have to choose either a warrior or a hunter to take advantage of the guns they make. Since I'm thinking of a gnome, that means warrior. You can't use any class abilities except for auto attack or auto shot. The first several levels would suck, as you'd basically be autoattacking only. Then, you'd start making tons of bombs and dynamite. Once you make a gun, you'll at least have a weapon. Anyway, thoughts? I know it wouldn't be viable in anything but questing, but do you think it would be fun, or too much a pain in the ass?
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    So take away everyone's profession "Engineering" and have them wasted hours and hours of time leveling up Engineering with the rewards/mounts just because you want it as a class? Nty.

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    I would like a class ingame that teaches people how to use search mode on forums.

    That would be a awesome healer !

    IT : no.

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    maybe not engeneering but i can see a class simular to the demoman in TF" (for those who have played it) where they do damage via bombs however how it fits into lore and how on earth it would work i have no idea

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    You obviously didn't read my post. I'm not talking about changing the game. I'm talking about leveling up in a different way to challenge yourself or try something new. It's like the people who level hardcore characters, or toons who never repair and only wear equipment found in drops (scavenger). It's not supported by the game, but it could provide a challenge.

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    In other words, are there enough damage causing recipes that you could level only with stuff you made from engineering?

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    Well it could be fun, guild wars done it, so yeah could totaly see it, could have a healer - tank- dps, healing with some kind of healing tec.
    Would be able to use/summon rockets, bombs, minions, and perherbs a ultri could be mecha form, turn yourself into a robot. Could have what the proffision have already, like speed shoe(like a very short but very fast sprint) the glider, some kind of slow fall, so could have all the, normal and fun spells like most have. i would love to see it will it happens? Nope never, especially because there is the proffesion

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    Umm... I read the OP. It says "Engineering as a class" and then rambles, leaving the reader to wonder what you meant by "as a class". You might want to clean up the title and make your point a bit clearer.

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    IMHO Engineering has failed as a profession because Blizz can't let it grow to its full potential.

    A class would make more sense.
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    Would be a great idea to have a tinker class, I'm concerned it'd be a little too late now though, I could be wrong though. Any WC3 fan though would probably love to see something like this, I personally have been waiting since launch to make a brew master. There's a few issues though, I really think only a few races should be able to make them, ideally, goblins and gnomes. You can give them a tank spec (robo goblin), dps, or healing spec (the goblin alchemist had healing spray), would be really cool but I just don't see it happening... then again all of my guildies thought I was crazy when I told them this expansion would probably have pandas.

    Back to the class thing though, blizz really needs to stop letting every race have every class, seeing a gnome or dranei death knight just looks stupid lol. I'll keep my fingers crossed for this one tho.

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    So, nobody has addressed what I proposed, so let me clear it up. You choose a gnome warrior. You become an engineer. You use no class abilities and only attack using thing you make with engineering. Yes, I know it would be expensive and not ideal, but it would be another challenging way to level, like ideas on this page: http://ironyca.wordpress.com/2011/07...ways-to-level/.

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