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    N64 and Gamecube tops the list with the Snes controller slightly behind and the first Xbox controller being by far the worst one, PS1/2 controllers comes in the middle with 360
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    The Gamecube controller, by far. It fits my hands perfectly and the buttons are well laid out (except for that Z button). I wish the Wii U Pro Controller was closer to it than an Xbox controller.

    PS2 and 360 controllers are tied for second place. I find the 360 controller more comfortable, but I like the Playstation's pressure sensitive buttons and it has a better D-pad.

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    Nintendo 64 controllers and the Xbox 360 controllers are the ones I like the most.
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    The simplicity of the playstation controllers always pleased me. The n64 and GC controllers never really worked for me. The original Xbox controller suprisingly felt very comfy once I got used to it. The weight of the thing made holding it idle in one hand kind of annoying though. Nowadays I like the ps3 controllers the best. It recharges once you hook it up to the ps3, and the design stayed the same since the ps1. I won't say a word about the wii controller because all that movement-based stuff is nothing for me, and I hope it's a trend that will die down soon. Same goes for Move and Kinect. Lastly, the x360 controller is also quite nice and I can't really find fault with it, but I have grown accustomed to the playstation controller too much I guess.
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    As a kid/teenager, I'd have said PlayStation controller, hands down. Now that my hands are much bigger, the PS3 controller makes them cramp. I'm currently going to go with XBox 360; it's not the waste of space that was the original Xbox controller, but it's bigger than PS3. That porridge is just right. Xbox 360 controllers are awful for fighting games though, imo.

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    Xbox 360 controller, the playstation controllers are a bit small for my hands(which rather sucks since I have a ps3 but not a 360).
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    Gamecube controller was always my favorite.

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    I'm actually not a huge fan of the 360 controller (or the ps3 for that matter). I think it's cause I have big hands and the controllers feel too tiny sometimes. I'd much prefer the original xbox controller. The wii nunchuck and controller is also great imo.

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    Playstation dual analog any system is the best by far. Super nintendo was very good. All forms of xbox and nintendo 64 and gamecube are awful. The terrible controllers are why I wouldnt buy the consoles

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    360 controller is the most comfortable controller for me to date.

    All playstation controllers are too small and for some reason my hands end up really cold after 15 minutes of use. At least the PS3 can play blurays.

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    No glove, no love.

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    The original xbox controller! honestly i am probably one of the few who really liked that fat thing :P
    Anyways yeah, xbox 360 controller for me is the best one out there right now. Really cant stand the PS3 controller so :<

    Worst controller.. for me has to be the wii controller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivyr View Post
    N64 controler GO!

    I loved this controler, I have not had a more comfortable controler since =(

    You must have three hands if you find that comfortable.

    I'm throwing my lot in for the 360. Out of all the controllers it's proven to be the most comfortable and I never get hand cramps like I did with Nintendo and sony ones.

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    Of all time the N64 remote hated it at first but after a while I was very precise with it. Current I like the 360 controller more than the others

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    I have fairly large hands, so I the 360 controller is the most comfortable I've found so far. I do however also use this on top of it, as I find the default sticks to be too short for my thumbs (like I said, large hands). I've had the same pair for nearly 4 years, so I can recommend them to anyone in a similar hand situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahjane View Post

    No glove, no love.
    Haha, winner! When that came out I only knew one other person with a Nintendo: my neighbor. Neither of us had the glove, but God did we want it. Freaking Power impractical but it looked like it granted the strength to rule the world.

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    Keyboard and mouse is the only correct choice here.

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    Xbox controllers for me as well. They simply work the best for larger hands. The triggers on the back for driving and FPS games are amazing and, depending on the control mapping, they're great for RPG's as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sibut View Post
    BEST: SNES Turbo controller.
    Worst: N64
    I thought that the GameCube was worse myself. Maybe that's because the Nintendo 64 had a STELLAR game selection, while the Gamecube mostly mooched off of that.

    My favorite was probably the original Xbox's AirFlo controllers. Unlike 95% of people, I didn't not find the original Xbox's controller to be too large, even if it wasn't ideal. Having the soft-ish, rubber grips and the fans was awesome.

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    Haha, winner! When that came out I only knew one other person with a Nintendo: my neighbor. Neither of us had the glove, but God did we want it. Freaking Power impractical but it looked like it granted the strength to rule the world.
    My stepmom worked at a KB Toys when those came out, and if I remember correctly, she said EVERY SINGLE ONE was returned, I believe because they were ALL defective. It was something like a 50% failure rate or something.

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    As a Teenager, PS2 was amazing as it fit my hands perfectly.

    As an Adult.... well my hands are too fucking large to comfortably use ANY console controller, So Keyboard it is.
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