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    Friend of mine is leveling his tank now. He says doing dungeons is quicker since he has instant queues (this is MoP dungeons don't know if lower level dungeons get you instant queues as tank). Without instant queues I wouldn't try it. If you are a tank you dictate the speed the most and since tanks are now very strong it can be pretty effective.
    But I think the lower level dungeons are old designs and are actually not very fast and good experience. My friend was doing MoP dungeons which are much better to grind I think.

    I guess you are better of questing. I would queue up for dungeons in the meanwhile and do them only once for the quests which are pretty good but you have a good chance the group you get slows you down by leaving, screwing up, slacking or whatever. So that's up to you if you want to risk that and are very serious about leveling as fast as possible.
    Queues for tanks are almost always instant for 5 man dungeons. It's a great way to level if you hate questing.

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    Quest, queue for dungeons as DPS or Tank, just to clear those quests aswell.
    Quote Originally Posted by bizzy View Post
    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    XP off instancing is pretty decent til TBC, then XP drastically drops from runs... I personally prefer to always level off questing, cause dungeon grinding is just such a bore. I do dungeons at least once though, for sake of getting the quests done and chance for some blues.

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    I have not leveled at low lvl's since MoP came out, but I know before that I always ran dungeons. Quested between queues if I was on a DPS char.
    Noticed dungeon exp from 85+ is laughable though, so there goes my plans on leveling my healers through dungeons to 90..

    Is the exp in lower lvl dungeons really that bad now ? I hope not, I prefer to zerg through dungeons when leveling.

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    Pick up mining and herbalism, then quest while queuing up for randoms and you'll fly. You'll only want to do each dungeon once for the quests but questing outside the dungeon while picking plants and mining will get your level up so hopefully you don't hit the same dungeon twice.

    Plus always move on to a higher area as soon as you hit the minimal level.

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    Create RaF account, dual-box ... profit!
    No heirlooms needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detheavn View Post
    Create RaF account, dual-box ... profit!
    No heirlooms needed
    AS that is faster. Rather not spend 20 to RAF to 80 then transfer a character off that account as well. But yeah.

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    I soloed all the dungeons 15-35 on my Mistweaver Monk, bosses giving monstrous exp, thrash aoeing crazy exp, quests, all items for me. Leveled 1-31 in 8 hours (1-12 took most of the time )

    I tanked, DPSed and healed the dungeons 31-50. ( When there are no tanks queuing, i queue as one and then i either let some monk windwalker tank with me healing ( and other healer too ) or me just taking the damage, having some probs with aggro but was immortal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racthoh View Post
    questing, but speed leveling gets old.

    also, you should download zygor's leveling guide.
    yea and get hacked because you downloaded from a pirate site. zygot is not free. wow pro is free and for just questing just as good

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    The "fastest" way to level is extremely personal. What works for one person may not work for someone else. That said though, I found that this nifty little addon worked wonders for me. WoW Pro ( Its free, and at least worth a shot. Some of the quests in the order the addon has you do them in is... questionable at times. But, again, it's all about personal taste. Hope this helps.
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    I personally just gather and queue for dungeons. That way I usually always have some decent gear when I move into a new zone for herbs and ore.

    It probably isn't the fastest way however. The only quests I really do are the Donovan quest line in Winterspring for the trinket. In BC Ill so some quests to get my ilevel up but again, its mostly dungeons and gathering.

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    questing, just do the first dungeon of the day (gives most exp, unless they've changed it..), try to quest asap: quest accepted, check map, go towards it, complete it. BAM! next.

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    Best way is to buy a new account and raf it. Battlechest cost only 5 euro anyway, so I think it's worth it

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    Quote Originally Posted by loki504 View Post
    yea and get hacked because you downloaded from a pirate site. zygot is not free. wow pro is free and for just questing just as good
    or you can learn how to keep a clean pc.

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