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    I'm noticing tanks are having a lot of issues when taunts need to be called out or explained. My tank and I in my ten-man group communicate taunting with each other when it's a matter of preference, but for things like Stone Guard tanks should be able to know when and what to taunt without having to communicate it.

    Stone Guard is actually really simple. but the way the information is conveyed to tanks is what makes it confusing. The ONLY time a taunt EVER needs to happen is:

    1. You are tanking one Stone Guard, the other tank has two of them.
    2. Your Stone Guard is the one which just began petrifying. This is easily indicated by a bright ring appearing beneath the dog.
    3. If 1 and 2 are both true, taunt the dog which recently overloaded.

    There should be no other reason to taunt during Stone Guard.

    I have only done Normal mode MSV, but the only difficulties I have as a tank are the sheer damage outputs given by Elegon (that stupid breath) which can be easily negated by Frenzied Regeneration, and Will of the Emperor. WotE is actually a very easy fight to tank, but it's very unforgiving if you slip up while tanking (getting hit by a single devastating combo attack is a double-whammy, as you lose armor and you take a big 100k hit). Additionally, the two constructs that you tank during that fight can really easily mess up your movement with that stupid persistent death grip debuff and their obnoxiously large size making them uncooperative when moving them.

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    Staying awake to be honest. Fights are so god dam boring to tank.

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    Heroic Spirit Kings appears to have the biggest challenge for Tanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raxxed View Post
    Heroic Spirit Kings.
    Nothing else comes even remotely close.
    ^ this.

    Life is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daverid View Post
    I have to call out every single taunt for my OT and tell him exactly what to taunt, as well as avoid everything, keep my active mitigation up and semi-raid lead.

    It's the only thing that makes the fight confusing, especially in Heroic. Every other fight is a joke to tank.
    Yup pretty much the same as me.

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    Will of the Emporer until I learned to dance. Stoneguards since then, since my other tank can't taunt when told to.

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    Haven't done any heroics yet, I don't find any of the bosses particularly challenging, but I hate hate hate doing stone guard, it's "THAT" fight for me that I dread zoning in and having to do.

    Mainly because I can't autopilot it and have to pay attention somewhat

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    6/6h here. Spirit Kings I think is hardest, altho it is not really that hard. use CD:s on each swap when theres 2 adds. When Meng has DMG buff, ask for CD:s or kite if your class got tools for it. Again, if you play 25m, tank and spank it as you should have like 5+ healers on you....

    No other boss should give you any difficulties if you are decent, Garajal requires some cooldown management others are easy.
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