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    Recruitment for Late Night Raiding @ Ravencrest.

    Well established and long running 10man guild based on Ravencrest EU.

    Currently looking to bolster our raid team with some new blood. We are a mature guild that values our time raiding and expect all members to be of the same frame of mind.
    Knowledge and ability will always be valued over gear along with being able to work well in a team environment , helping where you can no matter what your role be.

    Our current Raiding times are 23:15h - 2am Server time , Wednesday- Thursday - Sunday and recently we've added Monday to the roster due to new content. We do ask for a 75% attendance for these raids.
    Currently 7/16 at time of posting.

    Holy Paladin high on wanted list.

    Solid Dps : Enhance/Elemental Shaman , Casters , potentialy opening for Tank also.

    All classes are seriously considered , so Skilled players that want a late night and laid back attitude towards raiding feel free to apply at :

    thenightshift. wowstead. com

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    Still looking for a few new players.

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