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    Elegon and relatively low DPS

    I'm wondering how strong our DPS needs to be to be able to scrape by on Elegon. I run a pretty casual team 10-man, so our DPS isn't very high, but it's sufficient to have downed Gara'jal within his enrage timer (although not exceeding it by much). We were working on Elegon and I noticed that we were reaching 4 adds (the fourth protector was very inconveniently placed as he lined up almost perfectly with 85.5%, so he'd be alive when dots pushed. We solved this by having our warlock DPS the boss full-time, as the add was actually dying really quickly, so we've now got a steady cycle of three adds for Phase 1.

    For transition, we manage to kill 2 waves of sparks, 3 if everyone pushes. The fourth is near impossible for my group. I'm considering after Wave 3 getting some burn time on the boss.

    Phase 2 is where my group is consistently losing players. We aren't killing pillars fast enough and the resulting amount of adds is absolutely decimating my raid group. Those things hit hard! Can anyone here share how they do Phase 2 with their ten-man group, to help us minimize time on the pillars and add damage?

    We haven't actually been able to properly re-enter Phase 1 for the second time around, so the transition phase is really what's wrecking my group. I'd love to hear strategies for Phase 2 so that we can get the pillars down ASAP and minimize any damage coming out.

    I'm not too worried about Phase 3, despite the relatively low DPS and heavy raid damage. Our healers don't seem to have an issue with heavy, sustained HPS, it's mostly the fact that there's a heavy amount of movement and spiky raid damage especially during transition and phase 2.

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    With the current dps it doesnt seem like you will be able to push it. Are you 2 or 3 healing it currently? you really need to get at least 3 of the orbs down in the phase 4 is prefered. But you will have to 2 heal it to have any chance currently from the sounds of your current dps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gerhard2202 View Post
    We aren't killing pillars fast enough
    You just answered yourself what is the problem , there is no tricks here , your dps just have to kill pillar ASAP
    And you really should get 8 stacks b4 burn phase
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    The fact that you're getting 3 adds in the first P1 is very troubling. To even have a chance really you're going to need to cut that to 2. Do your raiders pre pot etc? We split each pillar to a dps and they all die at pretty much the same time, it sounds like you're killing them in order or some such.

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    Are you having all dps switch to the protector? We have 2 dps (preferably melee) switch to the add while everyone else wails away at the boss. As long as you kill 1 before another spawns, youre in the green.


    Quote Originally Posted by gerhard2202 View Post
    Phase 2 is where my group is consistently losing players. We aren't killing pillars fast enough and the resulting amount of adds is absolutely decimating my raid group. Those things hit hard! Can anyone here share how they do Phase 2 with their ten-man group, to help us minimize time on the pillars and add damage?
    Kill pillars all at the same time, or close to it. When a pillar dies, elegon gets a dmg and haste buff, spawning adds faster. If you kill them at close to the same time he doesnt have the haste buff for very long before he transitions. Basically, doing the achievement for this fight is doing this fight the right way.
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    Key thing for the pillar phase is to bring the pillars down at the same time, as with every pillar you kill he gains a haste buff which leads to more adds spawning. Much better to have a long period of time with no haste buff, and then kill all pillars at the same time, than to have him get haste buff gradually ramping up as you kill the pillars one by one or two by two. Multi-dot classes should be positioned so that they can dps all three pillars on their side etc, to optimise how quickly you bring them down.

    If you're already doing that, then yeah your raid just need to learn to dps better really.

    If you have a hot heavy healer they will tend to attract most of the adds in that phase, and if you have a warrior tank then mocking banner is really nice for gathering them up without the tank taking too much damage. Stuns and snares on them are essential, trying to face tank a lot of them will lead to a dead tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monolith of Mazes View Post
    Are you having all dps switch to the protector? We have 2 dps (preferably melee) switch to the add while everyone else wails away at the boss. As long as you kill 1 before another spawns, youre in the green.

    About 2 healing. The fight is actually easy to 2 heal. Your healers just have to become acquainted with when the damage is going to be going out. We used to keep wiping on the fight, because we'd desperately be trying to get the raid up after an Annihilation from the Protector. This is wrong. Concentrate on getting the tank up so he's not dropped by a breath/melee combo. The raid will be fine. In fact, if you have a shadow priest, communicate when to use VI. Also, raid walls from Pallys help, so does AMZ from DKs before the annihilation goes off.

    As for the orbs. Your DPS needs to switch IMMEDIATELY to the orbs from Elegon. You won't beat the enrage if you don't get a good number of those orbs down. Everybody needs to be assigned to an orb, and know when to switch to it. As far as the pillars go, if one's about to go down before the other, stop DPS on it and let the other side get caught up. It's a lot easier to let it go for a few seconds and not deal with the adds (that start spawning when the first pillar goes down) than it is to blow one up and wait. Get them down evenly.

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    Phase 2, the adds shouldn't be TOO much of a problem as long as you have a tank on both sides picking them up. Make sure nobody is getting hit by the AoE that spawns them.

    However, If you're getting three adds phase one, that is a bit of a problem. Ideally, you should only be getting two on that first one. Is your raid pre-potting and using their cooldowns at the very beginning? And on the topic of the orbs, you really need to push three waves if you can. If your DPS is that low, you're going to need every bit of extra damage for the final phase you can get. My raid group pushes four each time, but if you don't have the burst to do that, then there's really nothing you can do. You COULD do what I had my group do and put the people that knock their down really fast next to someone who has trouble, so that they can help with it. Also, for pillar phase (which is technically phase 3), what our group does is we have each dps hit his own pillar. This slows down the number of adds that pop up by a lot, as his cast time increases when the pillars are destroyed. After we down these pillars, what we do is have both groups meet at the console and have one tank pick them up. We pop our AoE stuns and such, and let the ranged AoE them down.

    You may think your healers are good, but the final phase is going to wreck your raid. You really need to get as many orb waves as possible to minimize the final phase. You should also make sure your healers have a cooldown rotation worked out beforehand.

    One last note: I sure hope you're two-healing this fight, as it's basically impossible otherwise. What is your raid comp, including...everything?
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    This is how I killed it with a lot of time left on enrage (30s on first kill, 43s on second)
    1. Force transition with just two protectors spawning for first time, three for second time. Just ignore the first protector for first 10-15 sec when your raid is still bursting boss. Then everyone nukes first protector, switches back to boss. When second one spawns get it to 50% then nuke boss hard and finish protector when transition has already begun.

    2. Ideally you want to kill 4 waves of orbs on both phases. When fifth wave comes all nuke boss, adds dont exist.

    3. Kill pylons all at the same time, to ensure low amount of adds spawning. Ideally you will get [Straight Six] achievement, we got it on both kills. It's type of achievement you get when you do the encounter right. No one slows adds, no one DPSes them until raid is back at the console. The moment floor goes back up everyone get on it and AOE adds with your 50% damage buff

    4. Last phase is actually easiest of all, you want boss to be below 35% health upon entering it. This phase is pure nuke phase, reset your stacks when they reach double digits to make healers life easier. This is where you want BL and nuke the $hit out of the boss.

    Hardest part of this encounter is actually having all 10/25 raid members survive the transitions. For orb phase DKs help immensely with their AOE dots.

    We were pretty decently geared on our first 10man kill (470-488) but at this stage of expansion every raider should have at least 475 item level equipped if not more. I have 484 and I did just normal MSV and one boss in HOF, missed two full resets of MSV at the very start even.

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    If you are concerned about dps then you need to work even harder to kill 4 sets of adds. Do it twice and its 20% extra damage on the boss for the duration. This means you need to be willing to blow your big 3 min CD's or whatever is needed to kill that 4th wave. You make up damage with interest if you do this.

    For the transitions we have all dps working their assigned pillars to 20%, calling it and then nuking them to death at the same time. I, as tank assist the people who are normally a little slower. It's important that dps leave the adds to avoid aggro issues, the tanks need to save CD's / kite (or both) and once the platform respawns then take them to the middle and aoe. Yes, they hit massively hard :P

    I agree with what others said, it seems the sweet spot for this fight is 2 protectors in the burn to 85% and 3 in the burn to 50%. If you can't do that then to be honest you may as well wipe and try again.

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    What we do for this phase is the straight six achievement, basically we put two people between each set of pillars and have them all burn them down together, since the speed at which they spawn adds depends on how many pillars have been killed this minimizes the number of adds that spawn before the phase ends.

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    Thanks, all. We're a little behind on gear because of some raid comp changes and things such as that, which might be part of the reason we're having a lot of trouble. This week we'll be focusing on getting our relatively undergeared players up so that the fight becomes easier.

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    For comparison: we (10 men casual guild that raids 1-2 days a week) killed it two times after weeks of wiping.

    We can get to 85% in 1 add - but it's a bit extreme so we are content with 2 adds (killing the second one while the boss is preparing to launch the spheres)
    We get to 50% in 3 adds (killing the third while the boss is preparing to launch the spheres)
    We can kill 4 spheres each transition - so we have 10 stacks on boss.
    We got the achievement for killing 6 pillars simultaneously at first kill.

    1. Make sure the top DPS (range: 1 - 2) always sit on boss. Last add - all switch.
    2. It's not a problem if add spawns on phase change if you can down it fast.
    3. Make dps help each other on spheres - position them accordingly - so those who have trouble have someone strong near them (at the middle pillars on both sides) for assistance.
    4. Tanks can help with dps on spheres too.
    5. After 4th wave of spheres is killed - dps boss while 5th wave of spheres is flying. Get out in time so you do not fall down.
    6. Each dps should kill his pillar (the stronger ones will help the weaker ones) -so they will go down quickly.
    7. Don't rush to the button (or where ever you group up to kill small adds) right away after pillars are dead - if you have trouble with circles on the floor (where adds are spawned) - let Elegon spawn all of them first and let tanks gather them.
    8. Don't wait for tanks to pull all the small adds to gather spot - if you see that small add is on tank - dps it on the way. Small adds can be CC'd.
    9. Melee should ignore small adds and rush to boss as soon as floor is back online - but not before the tank of course.
    10. On last phase do not kill small adds outside the circle - go all in to the boss as soon as floor is back and let dps aoe them.

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