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    Leather transmog

    Hi i want some transmog for my monk ive been using the recolored bloodfang set for a while now but now im kinda looking for some half naked stuff like bare chest and some shoulders and legs to go with it, any suggestions?

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    For male characters, I think Sentinel Breastplate/Warden's Wraps are the best "mostly bare chested" leather piece. For female character, I think it's the Grizzly Jerkin. Blizzard could make this easy and let us transmog Sandrene's so that we can look like the huge number of bare-chested NPCs that would completely make sense for Druids and Monks alike, all without revealing anything more than the game already lets you reveal by having removable shirts.

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    thanx its just what im looking for but they seem verry hard to find tho

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