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    Click or keybind? That is the question.

    So I haven't seen any discussions or polls on this topic and I'm really curious about people's points of view on the matter.

    For the first several years that I played I was a clicker and I thought I was a pretty decent player. Sometime during the end of wrath my friend told me clicking was bad and that I needed to keybind all of my spells. I ended up eventually putting the time into keybinding and memorizing all of the keybinds. Once I got comfortable with my keybinds I didn't really think my performance improved all that much it was just a different play style.

    Do you click or keybind? Why do you prefer one over the other?

    Please try to keep this one civil. I would like to see some good responses.

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    I do both. I bind my usual rotation (and interrupts) to 1-6 and F1 to F4, and click my cooldowns.

    EDIT: I also both keyboard turn and mouse turn.
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    I use a combo of both as well. All my utility abilities (movement abilities, crowd control, silences, etc) are bound as well as some of my basic rotation.

    Cooldowns and spells i dont use as often are clicked.

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    Razor Nostromo ftw, bind 1-10, f1-f4, and use the scroll-wheel to page to alternate 1-10. I click some random other cd's, but most things are keybound.

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    Ultimately key binding always allows for faster reaction time. Even ignoring the increased rate of error with using a mouse, it's simply slower. Pressing 12345rtyasdfzxcv requires no abnormal movements from your left hand nor right hand, while also allowing you to freely control camera and movement. Clicking distracts your attention(you have to watch your cursor - which is a second+ of you not looking at what's happening), locks your camera(can't turn it by right clicking and click), and is slower(ultimately you're doing the same thing - either pressing a key on the keyboard, or pressing the mouse - the difference is the mouse has to move from wherever it happened to have been, to its new location).

    Play whatever you prefer, just know that keybinding is always more efficient.
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    If you can keep 99%+ activity, click multiple different defensive cd's with 1 sec reaction time, avoid shit while doing Competitive dps/hps feel free to continue clicking.
    If not consider binds.
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    With the exception of my spriest, I have every possible thing I would ever use bound to 1-5, qerfv, shift + qerfv, shift + 12345, mouse button 4&5, shift + mouse button 4&5. I started out clicking 100% of the time, to starting to use the 1-5 keys, to eventually adding more buttons till what I have now. I will never be able to go back, clicking seems to restrictive on movement to me.

    The closest thing I do to clicking anymore would be healing with clique. But even then my heals are all bound to my mouse buttons.

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    I keybind most of my combat abilities and click non-combat abilities. I find the keybinds make combat smoother than moving my mouse around and clicking each button. I used to click everything, but after switching over to keybinds, I find playing any character without keybinds more difficult.

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    In any MMO that i play i end up using the 1-6 F1-F4/6 (depending on the needs), `, and F,G for my spells, and anything that i dont use often i have at the top of my bars so i can easily click them

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    Herald of the Titans Kuthe's Avatar
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    All my main abilities are keybinded.
    The only ones that aren't are other CDs I can blow on my GDr00d such as HotW, and the heals.
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    I have never clicked in my life. Could be about me having bad aim in fps games.

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    I do both. I've got my dps cooldowns and normal rotation keybound, then I have a bar of "situational abilities" that I usually click on when/if needed.
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    I keybind all my primary abilities. I do click stuff like long cooldowns (like, say, bloodlust) where I know it's about to come available and have time to move my mouse and wait for availability.

    Well, and I use Naga mouse keybinds on my heals, which is technically clicking but that's a different situation.
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    Come on guys, everyone knows clicking is better.

    Just think of all the carpal tunnel you won't have because you click. Not to mention, how are you supposed to keyboard turn if your keys are bound?

    Clickers - 1
    Keyboard Bads - 0

    Edit: And don't even get me started on those people with the cool mouse buttons, how are you supposed to keep clicking the boss to auto-attack if you're clicking your side buttons on a mouse? gg

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    I have it all bound, but on tank/spank-fights i can sometimes hower the mouse over a my anti-magi shield that is a bit far on the keyboard, so i don't have to move the other hand to reach it. Can still reach it if i have to move around though.
    I like to be able to move out of crap at the same time as i put the shield up, or do other things. Might save a tick of something bad, or a moment more to dps.
    Overall it feels very restrictive to movements to click things, and you have to LOOK at the bars, hence being a bit slower to see things on the screen.
    Your eyes can only see one thing at once, though they can be fast at moving around to the diffrent things you need.

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    Main rotation is binded, cooldowns aren't. They used to be but I found myself accidently hitting them all the time

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    Stood in the Fire Senedra's Avatar
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    click, got joint pain in the last 2 fingers on both hands so i cant really keybind : /

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    I only click very situation things like my mount, or hex. Sometimes I'll click bloodlust and my cds depends on my mood and whether I feel like pressing ctrl or not.

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    Stood in the Fire Senedra's Avatar
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    tried to keybind for 3 months, made me a worse tank/healer and i jsut couldnt pvp how i used to so i went back to clicking, which is what i prefer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senedra View Post
    click, got joint pain in the last 2 fingers on both hands so i cant really keybind : /
    you could try a Razer Naga. I got one a few months ago very nice mouse, has bound buttons on the side that you press with your thumb.

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