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    Rbg for full cap needed!Ok, but...


    i accepted the fact that you have to play rbg to get the full cap. it sucks, because sometimes when you arent in a rbg guild its just shitty to look all day for a pug to get destroyed by another team over and over..whatever

    Today i joined a "good" rbg grp we won 5 times in a row up to mmr 1750 opponent. So yipiiee i got 2000 cqp from those nice wins. But until now i always thought that there is an amount of cqp you can get by arena/bg rest ist by rbg...but lol. As it seems its just 1800-2000 is rbg no matter what you did before. So when i won 5 rbgs, i cant get any ponts anymore from arena or bg to get the last 200 even i didnt do 1 of them this week???? Am i right about how it works? Im confused. Where is the logic :O

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    Disclaimer: For the sake of my lack of knowledge, I'm going to assume that the default Arena cap is 1800 and the default RBG cap is 2200.

    This means that those first 1800 Conquest Points can be acquired in any way you like - arenas/rbgs/random bg wins. After you reach 1800, you can only acquire more Conquest Points (up to 2200) from RBGs - all other sources which could be used up until 1800, no longer provide points. So, in reality, you only need 1 RBG win to cap 2200, provided you got 1800 from arenas before getting that 1 RBG win.

    Edit: Fixed default numbers, thanks to Illiterate (oh the irony).
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    Default cap is 1800 arena or 2200 rbg. If you got 5 rbg wins you need to get the last 200 by winning another rbg.

    You could do arena to 1800 and then get 1 rbg win to fully cap.

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    forcing people into rbgs at all is stupid.
    not everyone has access to a regular team, and if you don't want to tank your rating pugging is often out of the question.

    you should be able to cap from one source alone, be it arena, random battlegrounds, or rbgs.
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