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    What do you guys do while wow is on maintenance?

    Just as title states, I don't know what to do. :S

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    Surf some web, damnyouautocorrect is a good one. Or these forums.

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    It depends.

    Housework, dabble in photoshop, comb the forums, watch youtube videos. Whatever suits my fancy at that time.

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    Work. It runs during the daytime on Tuesdays for me and I'm working already, no biggie here.

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    AFK in dalaran

    Help me.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danielm7 View Post
    Work. It runs during the daytime on Tuesdays for me and I'm working already, no biggie here.
    Same here.

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    sucks I have to wait 2 more hours and I just wanna level my druid :S

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    Usually talk philosophy with my dog. And by that, normally say "WHY?!" a lot when I find shit he has hid around my apartment lol

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    Be angry that my day off from work was today, I won't be off again until Sunday, and I never have any time to do anything except on my days off, and even when servers come back up, I have a meeting from 6-9 and then raid 9-12, then have to go to bed and go to work tomorrow. So, if servers come up by 2:00 or 3:00 EST, I'll have 4 or 3 hours to do LFR and dungeons and shit, then I won't be able to do any considerable amount of things aside from a few dailies and maybe one dungeon each day, excluding Saturday because I work literally all day, until Sunday, which is close to reset on Tuesday and no one is doing shit anymore.

    So basically I complain on forums during maintenance.

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    I wouldn't be playing during this time anyway, but I tend to browse mmo-champ on my phone during maintenance, as there's usually something worth reading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler Bro View Post
    Just as title states, I don't know what to do. :S
    I am working during the maintenance time so I am not affected by it.

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    lol, this seems like such a silly question to me. I guess I have too much stuff going on / work to do at any given time that it doesn't even cross my mind as a problem if the servers go down, aside from the inconvenience if I'm in the middle of something.

    Or put another way: I always have something else to immediately switch my attention over to, since I always have more things I need to do than time to do it. :p

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    I'm in school, if it extends, anime and fap.

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    I'm never home when they are on maintenance... So i guess you can work?
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    "I was top dps and one of the 17 DPS below me won loot! CONSPIRACY!"
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    Work, don't really have a choice if I want to play.

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    Usually I'm at work but on days that I have off I surf the web, do some homework, and chat with some friends about WoW being on maint

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    If I'm working, no big deal, I play when I get home. If it's my day off, still no big deal, I clean the house, do laundry, watch some tv, surf the web, read a book. Whatever needs to be done until the servers are back up.

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    Watching videos usually and planning what I have to do when the servers are back D:

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