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    Leveling Enhancement

    Hey all, I was going to be starting my new enhancement shaman here in a little bit and I have all of my heirlooms lined up. That is, except for my weapons. I know to grab the agility maces because the slower the better and agility is king. But in that regard I wasn't sure about the enchants and where agility falls short. I wasn't sure if I should put +15 agility on both weapons or through Crusader on one (possibly both?) of them. Would the +100 str proc outweigh the pure +15 agility?

    Thanks in advance for the insight!
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    During its uptime, yes. 100 of STR is better than 15 AGI, but the 15 AGI is also up 100% of the time. I personally always use the agi enchants. I've leveled 4 ENH shamans so far and have 2 or 3 hanging out in their 20-30s. The agi enchant has always worked well for me.

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    I personally wouldn't bother with enchants tbh, you will be wrecking faces anyway, especially with heirlooms. Most value of those enchants decline rapidly as you level up and considering you're past the low level zones so quickly it won't matter much.

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    I've read going Crusader on one or both till mid level 50 or 60 (when it starts to loose it's proc amount) and swap to agility. However I have never bothered with crusader on my weapons for an enh shammy personally.

    Also if your leveling and want a bit of fun in BG's to break it up, get the 2 handed axe with crusader sub level 40 and lol as you 1-2 shot people. Sure it's no way near as effective as 2 maces, but it's funny as hell.

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    Crusader is going to give you the best bang for your buck while leveling. The healing benefit allows you to go through mobs quicker with less downtime or pull larger groups, making questing go much faster. Even though the strength proc is not ideal for enhancement, it is still very strong at low levels.

    Above level 50, both 15 agi and crusader start to be ineffective. 15 agility really isn't much at that point and isn't going to improve your quality of life in any noticeable way. Also, crusader's proc rate falls off, so its not going to give you much either way.

    Basically, crusader wins at low leves. Once you hit the end of vanilla content, it doesn't really matter which you have, or if you have any at all.
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