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    I use a rare shadelling pet from kara, a rare maggot and a rare fire beetle. It's quite a strong team vs random pet battles, but I suck at player battles, it's just good for levelling as all 3 pets have very good healing abilities.

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    Pet battles is one of my favourite new features in mop. At the start of mop I had 75 pets, I'm not on 210, it's jtoo addictive.
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    They are addicting no? I am mad at you for having Lil'Tarecgosa . My main 3 are all dragonkins, Azure Whelping, Dark Whelpling and Celestial Dragon for healing purposes...(and its flippin sweet). The only battle I have lost was against the undead tamer in Northrend near Dal. I hate him and wish him a second death.

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    I used Curious Wolvar(trap can be a lifesaver), and Clockwork Gnome(turret is great at hitting enemies during normally immune phases) for most of the time.

    I would suggest you lvl a humanoid and mechanical and a magical or undead as there are very few capturable pets of these types atm and you'll likely have to farm them for several hours if you want a rare so its probably best to just use one of the lvl 1s you probably already have. It will be alot easier to get a rare around your lvl for critters, beasts, flying, and aquatic just from lvling pets.

    And remember to switch out pets based on enemy type when fighting the trainers.

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    1 hint: Lil'XT

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    Omg. Is your pet named Spiderbro because of the story (I have no idea where I read it.) about the spider in the dudes house that he lets live, then he bites a burglers eye and dies and the guy finds the spider nest with all the cockroaches webbed that indicate the spider was doing it for him instead of for food?

    I guess Spiderbro is a pretty common name, maybe. The name just rings the bell

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