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    Just throwing this out there for future reference:
    Warlock's Seed of Corrupt was breaking CC when Kor'thik Strike was tagging a rDPS within range of a CC'd mob.
    This was a problem for us to, that we didn't notice. We have a couple of mages using living bomb, and we had a players fairly close to the CCed mobs.

    When they were getting charged, sometimes a bomb would go off a break a CC.

    It only happened 2 or 3 times while learning the fight, but it confused us greatly until we realized what was happening.

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    On some of our first attempts our Resto druid broke some CC completely unintended with Nature's Vigil.

    The second part of the spell which damages nearby targets broke the CC.

    This caused us some very irritating wipes until we found it in the logs.

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    It could also have been that one of the pets in the hunters' stampedes could be casting CC abilities.
    Just happened to our raid when our hunter had a crane that was casting sleep. Took us over an hour to finally find out.

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