View Poll Results: How often would you bathe?

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  • Male - Every day

    104 36.24%
  • Male - Every other day

    74 25.78%
  • Male - 3 or 4 days

    41 14.29%
  • Male - 5 to 9 days

    21 7.32%
  • Male - 10+ days

    10 3.48%
  • Male - NEVER!!!

    7 2.44%
  • Female - Every day

    8 2.79%
  • Female - Every other day

    11 3.83%
  • Female - 3 or 4 days

    8 2.79%
  • Female - 5 to 9 days

    1 0.35%
  • Female - 10+ days

    0 0%
  • Female - NEVER!!!

    2 0.70%
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    I hate going to bed dirty from the day, so it would be everyday, i shower in te mornings before work as well if i do not go fr a morning surf

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    Every day (male).

    Before a long hot shower every morning I am completely non-functional.
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    Are there actually people who only shower just because of society? I shower because it feels nice to be clean; the fact that society accepts it is just a benefit. And yeah, everyday.
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    Excellent, loving the responses so far, and a lot of males on the internet are more clean than I think my cynical mind expected.

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    Are there actually people who only shower just because of society? I shower because it feels nice to be clean; the fact that society accepts it is just a benefit. And yeah, everyday.
    I know I wouldn't do it every day if I didn't have a job in which I have to be around people. If I don't shower, I tend to sweat a lot more, it seems, plus my curly friggin' hair requires washing every day, after I wake up...bed head.
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    Varies. I would probably average twice a week if pain wasn't an issue. When I get pain spikes though I take quite a bit more showers (the hot water helps relieve the pain).

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    Probably every 2nd day, 3 at max because that's when my hair starts to look dirty.
    Every day in summer though

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    I wish there was a "when necessary" option.

    I really only bathe when I'm expected to be social, or I can't stand my own smell. I don't take baths anymore because they're just wasteful unless you don't have plumbing.

    I prefer to take long hot showers, and can't really accomplish much with a short shower unless I recently took one within that past couple days. Most the time my issue is "do I have a clean set of clothes that I can switch out?" because putting back on the same clothes after cleaning yourself just feels counterproductive.

    Taking long showers every day, especially multiple times a day, can get expensive unless you take cold showers (then you're a scary person).
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    Once my hair gets noticeably greasy, usually 3-5 days? That's when it actually starts bugging me. Male.

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    I start to feel nasty after 2 days without showering. So every other day.

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    2-3 days if i don't do annything that made me sweaty/filthy.

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    I can't go more than two days without a shower.
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    I voted every day cause I just love the feeling of hot water

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    kings ruled parts of europe during the no-bathing era

    they just threw more powder on their wig and more makeup on their faces

    we all lived

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    It really really depends on my level of involvement in my current activities. Under normal circumstances, I shower every day. There are times though when I go batshit crazy marathon mode and don't shower at all for a week or more. Mainly with certain video game releases. With some games, I play 18+ hours per day when they first come out. And I continue this behavior until I have 100% complete, or if that is not applicable, until I am satisfied.

    Let's just say that when Halo 4 came out, I got it at midnight, and I'd beaten it before anyone else in my house had woken up. I now have every achievement in the game, minus a few that won't be possible for a few more weeks.

    My longest point of not showering was probably a couple months before Gears of War 2 came out. I did the math, and to get the Seriously achievement before Gears 2, I'd need to get like 200 kills a day. I probably didn't shower for at least 10 days. I was playing so hardcore at that point I'm worried I probably did permanent damage to my body.
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    I shower before bed, after sex and in the morning...

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    Only shower once a week. Besides the underarms, I don't wash anything else before the weekend.

    I don't see any point in showering with the exception of the case where I actually smell, which shouldn't happen as I'm not some construction worker nor do I work out.

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    I love baths. I like showers too, but you can't read in the shower. I'd take one or the other at least once a day, like I already do.

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    Also, I have long blonde hair and it really looks and feels gross to me if I don't wash it every day (even though my husband, mom, etc, say there is no difference). :S

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    I'd still do it every day because it helps my back. I clean myself once a day, but I shower two to three times if necessary.

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    I usually take baths just to smell nice for my classes. I use Old Spice soap so I smell super good lol, I like to keep that scent.

    Uhhhh. I'd probably continue to shower for each day I have to go out, but if I'm staying home and I had a really long day and nothing to do the next day I might take a day off.

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    At the moment, and especially in winter, I bathe at least 2 times per day.
    Simply because...well...taking a warm bath is just amazing.

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