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    PvP Resto Stat Priority

    I'm playing 2s with a destro lock atm and I'm crit>haste>mastery, but my crit is still sitting at 11.83% in full s12. Is it worth it? I know crit gives alot back but reforging for it seems pitiful.

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    This player is considered one of the best resto shamans. It looks like what he did was reforge everything, that doesn't already have spirit on it, to spirit. 2 items were mastery to spirit, one item haste to spirit, and one item crit to spirit. 3 out of the 4 items he reforged had crit on it and he left it there. Red gems are intellect/resilience, Blue gems are either pure spirit or spirit/resilience, and yellow gems are pure resilience. Mostly mastery enchants.

    So looks like after spirit, it goes mastery>crit>haste.

    This guy does it differently http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%ACc/advanced but the difference between his crit and Kollektiv's is 1.4%. That seems like a lot of reforging to do for a measly 1.4%.
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    Yer I knew spirit was number 1, just didn't bother stating it. So mastery>crit>haste I'll try it out

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    For 2's you don't need that much spirit. I'm capping every week in full ele pvp gear and never go below 90% (have very few spirit even hit pieces).
    Kollektiv etc are indeed top shaman, but they are geared for 3's and they meet very good opponents that really do a lot of damage.
    For rbg/bg, also go spirit.

    for 2's, against double dps the game will be over before you have the chance to go oom. Against healer+dps, damage is just too low to go oom if you can play. People die because of cc chains/burst and not because the healer is oom...

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