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    I noticed you have the Twinblade model also, I've killed Kael quite a few times since BC and I've never seen it drop, ever. So ya RNG is RNG, although anybody that gets stuff like Al'ar on their first kill should know they're in the top 1% of the lucky.
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    Gratz, I also got it on my first kill.
    Was during wrath in a 15man raid so I consider myself very very lucky

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    Congrats! I got mine on my first solo kill too.
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    Amazing luck you have there.
    It took me 36 solo kills to obtain it, 36 weeks or 9 months or 280 days or 68040 hours

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    I only started playing in cataclysm and after a firelands raid me and some guildies decided to head over to TK, and it was the first time I even set my foot in netherstorm. However, we kill Kael'Thas and the mount drops. Guess who wins it, that druid that didn't even want it because of his instant flight form but decided to me a douche about it... Oh well, I'm still running it hoping to see it again!

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    I'm farming it myself, 2% drop isnt that low!
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    I really hate you guys who got it on the first run! :<
    Still farming for mine with a friend, but the thought of losing it and to keep making runs for it, makes me a sad panda. :/ But hey, atleast I got Baron's mount after 7th run or so, I'd be covered for a while.

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    God damnit! Gratz, but I hate you!
    Farming that mount with 4 chars every week, 1 lvl 80, 2 lvl 85's and 1 90. All dks.
    Been soloing for it since early cata. Probably over 100+ kills combined.
    Feels like there is a GM laughing at me evey time I kill it.....

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    I know! Since I was already planning on acquiring the the Twinblade, having them both drop in one attempt was pure nerd bliss.

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    I was a hand of adal before achievements were implimented. Have been killing KT almost every week since WoTLK (and 10-20kills back in tbc before BT hit)

    I would say im around 150+ kills, mount dropped once but I lost it. I easily solo it now so my chances are higher but it just has to drop xD
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    And? Two of my guildies did this in cata. Both got it on there first kills. We only had 11 members and 3 ashes lol.
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    I got it on my second kill.

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    I also got it on my first kill ever, back in wotlk (during ulduar I believe). I remember my guild looking for more players for TK for some guys quest, which I still dont know. Something with transforming into a broken draenei or something. Ah well.. Anyway, I really didn't feel like going, but eventually I joined. We killed KT and the mount dropped. I rolled 92 and won it. I screamed and accidently woke my parents in the process. :P

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    I've never even downed Kael'thas. I think I already used up all my luck for a while, though, considering I ran Heart of Fear (part 2) LFR yesterday, it just came out mind you, and won the amber scalpel, rolled and won the same weapon again, and then downed Shek'zeer for the...yep, Kri'tak scepter. Oh Armory, you so funny, the image hasn't updated but the gear has.
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    I hate all of you -_-

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    I also had that kind of luck when I decided I wanted to farm some old tier-gear for my druid in Molten Core and got Eye of Sulfuras in the very first run ever.. my bf was really mad (at the game) as he never got it in months and months of farming ^^;
    unfortunately I can't get my hands on the necessary reagents to create the legendary itself T_T (nobody selling Blood of the Mountain, no luck farming it..)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudor View Post
    Whos Ezra??
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    RNG indeed. Grats to you. Finally got mine two weeks ago, after farming it with regular kills during TBC, and in increasingly smaller groups ever since the start of WOTLK.
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    think i'm up to 1100 baron and 65 KT kills and no mount

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