Size: 10 Man
Times: Tues - Thursday: 8-11:30 EST
Progression: 2/6H MSV 5/6 HoF

Boomkin w/ Healing OS or Windwalker w/ Healing OS
Able to make 99% of raids.
Close to same progression as our group.
Desire to succeed and push heroics.

The majority of us having been raiding for about a year now together and are pretty tight knit. It's not often we lose a raid member so plan on being here for the long run. We're easy on loot distribution and feel that the raid > you. If you're an ego maniac who cares more about number and purples than progression then please don't waste your time.

If you think you're the right person to work with our raid group hit me up in game: Seltzers#1207 or goto and apply.