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    [Brewmaster] - How to survive a stun?

    So it's only my alt, but i've cleared some raid content, challenge modes and the like. Still getting used to it and certainly have a lot of room to improve.
    So far the one thing that I'm finding really frustrating is being stunned. Even in faceroll content like lfr trash. Getting stunned just means I die within the stun duration. From 100%-0% often through a guard with shuffle up.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? How should I be surviving stuns?

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    Blizzard ought to give the dematerialize passive to BMs

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    If you die to LFR trash, stun or not, you simply didn't receive any reasonable amount of healing.

    As for challenge modes the best solution is to make sure shuffle is up for the stun duration, co-ordinate with your group to counter-stun the mobs for the same duration that you're stunned. It can be a little rough and requires some planning but it won't cripple your runs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grubjuice View Post
    Blizzard ought to give the dematerialize passive to BMs
    isn't that just for mistweaver? so, no, you can just pre cast your CDs


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    I have similar problems on the HoF trash. I usually just chalk it up to we pulled too many and I was taking too much damage, but I'm slightly higher ilvl than OP and usually find myself accepting a brez shortly after getting stunned. I feel like im getting crit or something..

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