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    New Computer set, help!

    Hello guys! I'm an old WoW player, but this is going to be my first post in this section! (not a very active forum member )
    I would like to thank all of you in advance for your help, very much appreciated!
    Ok then, straight to point:
    I live in Argentina, so unfortunately prices are really high and stuff comes to us quite late compared to you guys in the northern hemisphere, keeping that in mind and having read the builds post in the stikys, I would like to ask for your help as to which kind of build (preferably following the guidelines on http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-Sample-Builds) should I be striving to get to suit the following needs:
    1) Play WoW, on Ultra settings on a 40man raid enviroment with the best performance possible (I want to be able to alt tab during the raid and it not flinching from it)
    2) Play Guild Wars 2, with the settings as high as they can go, same as the above.
    3) Video streaming and such. I want to be able to do it and not experience a very high draw back when playing. (I expect some, my budget wont go as far as that i think)
    4) Play Skyrim!! Almost forgot.
    My budget is of 1000 us dollars.
    Please keep in mind I will be needing a monitor too. (24 inch is what I want)
    If there's anything else you need to know, please ask..

    PS: I will also be playing LOL and Diablo 3, might also go into BF and CODII... But those are not as high on my priority list as WoW, or GW2.
    PSS: I would like to add that in the case of GW2 and Skyrim I havent had the chance to try them out yet because my actual setup cant take it, and I do not think it viable to play them on low graphics settings. Tired of pixelated shit.

    Core 2 Duo @ 2.4
    Mobo Intel
    2gbs ram @ 800mhz ddr2

    If u need further details please ask.
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    Looking at Marest's Sample Builds, you should go in the direction of the Gaming 790 / 870.

    - i5 3570k is a no-brainer
    - 8GB ram dito
    - Radeon 7870 (or any other card in the 200+ USD range, e.g. GTX660) is enough for what you want.
    - 24" tft will be around 200 USD

    You might be able to re-use some parts from your current computer to save a bit:
    - optical drive (check, if is has a SATA connector, newer mainboard won't have IDE anymore)
    - hard drives (your's should have SATA)
    - power supply (maximum load will be less than 400W, so if your psu has at least 450W you should be fine)
    - case (if you have a normal ATX case and not some shitty pre-build, it should fit, but be aware of air flow)

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    Thanks for the advice!
    As for my old parts there's nothing I would like to save... HDD is too small, optical drive is not sata, power supply and case are shitty.
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    You can still save the old HDD which would save the $50 to buy an SSD instead.

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