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    Marest's Build 560 question


    I am building a comp from Marest's sample build 560. It is my first time building a computer but I had a couple of questions.

    I had to go to amazon for the power supply since newegg was out of the power supply when I ordered. Are these the same item? The reason I ask is it looks like the power cords dont match up to my mother board very well.

    If so does anyone have a good explanation about how the cords go onto the motherboard? I realize if I mess that up it could potentially damage the motherboard.
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    It looks like the link was cut out because you don't meet the requirements to post them, try putting a space between . and com.

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    Hmm so this will not allow me to link until I post a few times. But I'm fairly certain both are correct but I can not seem to match up the power with the motherboard.

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    Yes that looks to be the case. How many times is few.

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    If you ordered the same PSU from Amazon that you were going to get from Newegg then it is the same PSU.

    You usually can't plug the wrong thing in the wrong place. The connector simply won't fit.

    Yes that looks to be the case. How many times is few.
    Ten. Post the link and break it up, say with spaces instead of periods.
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    I'm not sure I understand what you're saying... Are you saying that you cannot plug in the 20+4 pin connector into the motherboard?

    If that's the case, make sure you have it oriented correctly. Make sure you have the extra 4 pins from the PSU on the correct side. The clip on the PSU cable faces out.

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    Ok great! I will try that later and see how it works. Again this is my first time with all of this and I realize the power supply is modular so not all the cords are needed.

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