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    Gear checkup (and choice)

    Doing Gara'jal and spirit king tonight (or maybe elegon if we dont wipe) ... but atm have choice 2h polearm from spirit king OR fist off gara'jal (atm have 2 shaman wanting to roll over it if i pass it for polearm)

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    Two handed is best option unless you get two of the Garajal fists.

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    Thanks you

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    I have the Kings 2H and 2x Gara's and it feels like DW is slightly better DPS but otherwise it's the same. I got all three weapons from coin proc's so didn't end up taking anything from our rogue.

    That being said go for the 2H from kings and let the DPS get the gara weapons, would help the group as a whole doing that. Use a coin on both bosses and hope you get lucky (got my helm from Will last night that way).

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    Yeah ill be doing that next week saving my coin for bosses in normal

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