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    <Pwn Shop> Illidan-10 man-LF Pally Tank or DK Tank for Core to pushHM's (1/6 HM ATM)

    Pwn Shop 8/8 HM 10-man. Ranked 28th 10-man on Illidan during DS.

    We are looking to recruit a Pally Tank or a DK Tank for our core group for MOP to push HM's with. We are currently 1/6 HM and are looking for a reliable tank as the group we have is solid. The tank we are replacing was kicked due to being unreliable, ie missing raid days without informing anybody multiple times so please do not apply if you are going to do the same.

    Raid days/times:
    We raid Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11 server time, which means that we are pulling mobs at 8pm server, being on time is a must as we only raid for a total of 9 hours a week with an optional 15-30 minutes here and there depending on everybody's willingness.

    We like to joke around as we are all close but when it comes to progression we are a focused group that only works towards making each other better as opposed to putting each other down (as some other guild's tend to do). As much as we like to joke around, we like clearing content and progression a whole lot more, so we are looking for candidates that are serious when we need to be serious, immature raiders that don't know how to raid seriously need not apply.

    So if you're interested in a progression guild that knows how to succeed please apply at http://pwn-shop.wowstead.com/recruitment. Note: if you do not have a wowstead account you will have to register for one before applying.

    You can also PM Greywardenn, Greyywarden in game to find out the status of your application.

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