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    Killed Sha again this week, no bonus roll window popped up (with one elder coin left)

    Killed sha again today, and the bonus loot roll window didnt pop up even though i had one elder coin left.

    Is this intended now?

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    It probably wasn't intended that you could use a coin on additional kills in the first place. I don't see any hotfixes that mention it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was fixed.

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    not intended, i could roll with extra coin

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    If you mean you killed him a second time then yes that's intended. You only can use coin on first kill on that week

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    That happened to me a few weeks ago. Some friends invited me to a cross server group for Sha of Anger. I didn't remember I had already killed him earlier in the week, didn't get a bonus roll option and I had a few coins.

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    Had same thing on last week cd and could loot it only after wednesday reset today.

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    It was hotfixed weeks ago. It was to easy for PvP players to only use elder coins on Sha since it was the only benefit to PvP. They changed it accordingly.

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