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    Paid sub w/ paypal. Didnt go thru

    Im downloading swtor and went to renew my sub and instead of using my cc I did paypal, I got money in there I want to burn. 4 hours later it hasnt gone thru, on my paypal or swtor page.Is there a wait time or something silly they do when you pay via paypal?

    ahh nm. I skimmed the swtor site and Im not alone.
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    I've had this problem as well. I ended up doing it via debit card Very annoying.

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    I imagine payments are not going through because the servers and various systems are still offline?

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    Paid sub w/ paypal
    Well there's your problem. Paypal transaction can take up to 24 hours to register. Sometimes you get lucky with the transaction time, sometimes you don't.

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    This happened to me last week also using Paypal so I can confirm that it is a legitimate problem. In the end I stopped waiting and ended up playing other games while waiting for f2p.

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