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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostSkull View Post
    It's a good nerf. Folks need a little more time to find the constructs and figure out the buttons when the are one.
    We spent a couple of wipes on Amber Shaper because one of our tanks' UI didn't let him see/use his buttons. We fixed it with macros after trying other ways to get them to appear so this may be in the case in LFR where some (good) players are having UI problems and you can't exactly walk each person through it.

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    Apparently it's still possible to grief!

    I was in a run where a guy got transformed and started Amber Striking the tank. We couldn't kill him cuz he just ate all the amber pools. When he finally got kicked (after 2 wipes), another guy started doing it and the whole group left after that wipe.

    Blizz, please make LFR ungriefable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuthe View Post
    and it's simple.
    I thought the point of LFR was to give the bads a taste of raiding.
    What is the point when all they are doing is pressing there hotkeys and not having to do anything else because it gets nerfed to hard?

    Garalon I can understand, people were trolling by hitting purple on purpose.
    But you can't troll in AmberShaper, you can just be silly.

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    Learn, or lose.
    Seriously, it's nerfed so hard they should just mail gear to us.
    The point of raiding is to learn.

    I watch a single fatboss video on youtube and know the fight, I'm sorry if it's so hard for every other person to grasp.
    LFR is not raiding. Its a 5 man dungeon with more people.

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    Wiped a few times on him Monday because the people getting mutated were deliberately healing themselves so that the dps were unable to break them out. After kicking them from the group we killed him no problem. Neither Garalon or Amber Shaper are hard if the raid knows what they are supposed to be doing before the fight start. But i guess reading your dungeon journal or reading raid chat is just not something Blizz thinks LFR should be promoting...

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    Oh, and I wondered why the LFR group I was in yesterday one-shotted the boss. We wiped more on Mel'jarak and Empress than here
    It's really easy now, we even had the stacks fall off the boss several times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    LFR is not raiding. Its a 5 man dungeon with more people.
    This sums up Blizzard's intent for LFR, if you want challenging content, get a group of people you can actually rely on and do normal or heroic mode, LFR-groups are (Premade raids queueing for lolz and/or loot aside) 25 loners who want loot and don't want to wipe, not a raidgroup by the more traditional definition, and content meant for those people should be tuned to them as well...

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    Last week I did Garalon in LFR in 2 shots (on Wednesday EU) and didn't understand what the fuss was all about.
    Then this week I got in LFR a few times just before 5th boss in HoF. EVERY TIME I entered just in the middle of a LFR group disband. I have never thought that LFR groups can disband. I have seen many more successive wipes before, lose up to 10 people from the group, but the system got us replacements. This time I stayed to see how many are left and, to my surprise, 1 by 1, all members left the groups. :-) So didn't get to see the fight, hahaha.
    Guess it's a hard boss (didn't do it on normal either, yet).

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    Quote Originally Posted by zephid View Post
    There was no need to nerf that fight in LFR. I did it with a random group yesterday (Wednesday) and we almost killed the boss on the first try. We killed it easily on our second try.
    You probably did it post nerf.

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    What time did they nerf it? I was trying around 6PM EST and we had a few single digit % wipes because people kept exploding on the raid. Seemed like it was going to be a never-ending cycle of wiping, losing half the raid, re-explaining the fight to the new half of the raid, then starting all over with another wipe.

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    Noticed it on when going trough LFR on my paladin a few min ago. Ambershaper was miles easier then yesterday when I did it on my DK.

    I honestly do not care too much about the nerfs in LFR, it's not exactly raiding, and the less time I have to spend in LFR the better tbh. I hate getting LFR runs where you end up wiping a ton on a boss.

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    now where's my feat of strength for clearing lfr amber shaper pre-nerf? after having to tell them all to change target to the big add, to actually dps the "MC'd" (easier to explain) people and in p3 just spam button 1 we're not going to free you.

    all this took 3 attempts to lead to a kill even for people doing LFR....but nah why have people learn in LFR and pay attention to someone who knows the fight, just nerf it so they can continue to afk and faceroll.

    it this was with constructs having 14 million hp so yeah was not that hard just explain to other players, go round and spam in / works.

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    I did it pre nerf, I was dreading itd be another Garalon but it was actualy quite simple, we 2 shot it. I was also dreading Shek Zeer but thats cause I tough wed need ot use traps on P2 and as it turns out there ar eno traps on LFR so she ends up becoing a massive tank and spank fight more or less.

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    I was able to get it down Tuesday night, but only because I was in one of those magical LFR groups that didn't cycle in 10 new players per wipe. Got a little further each time and people kept a level head. It was a nice change from Garalon on the first night :P

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    Thank god. That fight was just impossible for the morons to grasp, sick of wiping because RNG decided to pick them.

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