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    [H]Powered By Rice 8/12 LFM for 25 man

    Recruiting(exceptional applicants of any spec/role are always taken into consideration, regardless of current needs):
    Druid Resto / Feral
    Current Progression
    Heart Of Fear 2/6
    Mogushan Vaults 6/6
    Dragon Soul 8/8 Heroic.

    We are well established guild, raiding on Stormscale Horde side since Dec 2010. Many of our officers and raiders are with us since the beginning, and our community is still growing. Mature, dedicated and passionate about raiding we always welcome experienced and active players to join our ranks. We are raising the bar to enjoy end game content on a high standard. We consider ourselves to be a big family, our raiding times are full of laughter and humor, but when it comes to progression, everyone is exerting maximum effort and attention.

    Is Powered by Rice a hardcore guild? No, we are not. We'd consider us semi-hc: we are able to beat the current encounters and achieve the things that can be achieved in the game. But we are not doing it trying to get world or server firsts, raiding at 03:00 after a major content patch. No one said that we didn't have ambitions, but going into 12 hours of raids per day just isn't our treat - we have people who have families, work and enjoy free days out of wow. But when we raid, its serious enough.

    Because we raid only three days a week, we expect 90% attendance, maximum focus and good raid preparation.

    We are looking for people that:

    - can raid Tuesday,Wednesday and Monday. (3/3 attendance)

    - have a good and relevant raiding experience,

    - are geared well enough to start current progression,

    - have stable internet connection, decent computer and Ventrillo installed,

    - have a good knowledge of your class and specs,

    - have friendly attitude and are good team players,

    - able to play under pressure and can take positive criticism

    - are at least 18 years old.

    As a guild we supply our raiders with raid consumables. This allows everyone to focus their schedules in enjoying the game and not endless farming for mats.

    Raid Time (Server time) :

    - Tuesday,Wednesday and Monday (7:00 to 11:00)pst
    Those time can be extended during progression.

    Our social community is mostly compose from raiders family members and friends. We are active and implicate on the server, organizing casual event and supporting new player. Welcome to re-roll, veteran or simply casual players that want to enjoy a laid back atmosphere with no pressure.

    You can /w or PM Garutay ,Wengtot and Kebla in game or you can apply here

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