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    Question Cleric leveling spec


    I would like to know which spec is best to level with while questing? Right now I'm a Thunderer, but I have been one since level 1, and I want to change.

    I'm lv 48!

    Also apart from dungeons and warfront, what's the best way to lv to 50?

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    I don't know what a Thunderer is, don't pay much attention to the game's default spec options. I would say that relying on Druid for the tank or healing pet is the easiest way to level.
    Straight druid is great, leave Justicar at 0pts for minor self healing as you dps and throw extra points into shaman. Very solid if you like melee and it grows into a beast at later levels. A more split point hybrid of Druid and Cabalist is really fun to me. 17pts in Cabalist allows you to spread Tyranny among very large packs, making your aoe crazy. 28pts for Disintegration lets you manipulate the Tyranny for heavy burst, can be useful if you need to avoid aggro. You let the original Tyranny go off naturally, then quickly reapply and Disintegrate for a wave of killing blows. You need to invest the best you can into the Druid tree to keep your pet strong enough to be relevant, but many of the talent options in Druid are worthwhile no matter what you're casting.

    You can level surprisingly well with Defiler/Cabalist, using the beacon to tank groups that you mow down as described above. There's just a lot more involved in setup. Can be harder to get a partner adjusted to letting you finish all of your initial spells. I enjoyed it a lot though, felt powerful. And there's so much you can do with Defiler outside of typical soloing so if you're crashing into zone event groups and such you'll find yourself able to fill various roles with ease. Saving people's lives and combat rezzing the unfortunates while exploding a half dozen baddies feels so good.

    I'm a big fan of IAs as a backbone for leveling . When you stumble across a group of quests that look easy to complete in tandem, scoop them up. Still prefer dungeons as a first choice, but you can't always get that in the lower levels.

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    I highly recommend the Just Seer variant with Greater Satyr Protector.

    At 48, you probably don't want the 2 points in Overproliferation.

    Past 50, put points in both Justicar and Druid, but leave the 3rd soul at 0 points. This lets you swap between 3rd souls on the fly, getting the 0 point abilities of Shammy, Warden, or whatever you need for the situation without revisiting a trainer.

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