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    Daily questing is ruining my gamiing experience what was your intentions?

    Having not played WoW for about 9 months i decided to come back to MoP. This expansion is killing me the daily quests for rep grind is ridiculous to me what is the reason for this much dailies and how do you think this is fun. In my guild not sure about everyone elses it makes for a rather dull environment as everyone comes on at different times its hard to wait and group up for these dailies as everyone is just trying to get these done. This can take about 2 hours maybe more to complete. In the past you did a few dailies which were quick then you could run a few dungeons with guildmates and thats good because if you dont raid this was the only way to get to know one another and earn respect or build relationships. Now its just a pure grind and yes i have read its your choice to do this and all but I call BS because you have tied rep to gear so yea it sucks. Again....what was the intention and how can anyone consider this to be good for the game.

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    Keep you subscribed for 12 months of the year is the intention. It isn't good for the game and will backfire and the developers are already looking to compromise it with respect to alts and dungeons and raids and so forth.

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    It's only six weeks to get exalted with all if you do dailies every day. After that you are free. Free!

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    If only there was some way you could NOT do the optional daily quest content! Like perhaps getting your gear through one of the other avenues Blizzard implemented such as dungeons, pvp or raids. Its almost as if the intention was to give gear options OUTSIDE of those three normal methods.
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    Your definatly not the only one who dislikes all the dailys. There are only 4 factions which require you to be revered to obtain valor gear, which are Shado Pan, Klaxxi, August Celestial and Golden Lotus. The other factions are just an extra thing to do for some extra rewards, like mounts. Those factions are Anglers, Tillers and Order of the Cloud Serpent. So basically, if you dislike doing dailys, you only need to be revered with the first 4 factions.

    I'm currently revered with the VP factions and exalted with the optional ones, but now I'll just plan to do the dailys of 1 VP faction each day, rather then doing them all to reach revered asap. I'm not really liking this way, altrough spamming heroics isn't that much better either.

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    running crappy dungeons i'd already cleare 20 times already for more rep was ruining my gaming experience.

    it was boring to do the same dps as the other 4 people in my party and we all get equal rep.

    now for the work i put in i get rep, if others dont they dont get rep.

    seems like you just want everything handed on a plate, heroic dungeons are pathetic you cant even wipe.

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    Agreed, I have been pacing myself and only work on one faction a day (plus Tillers). Allows plenty of time to do other things and still can't accumulate valor faster then I can spend them with the 1000 per week cap. As for coins, have over 500 sitting in my bank, so even with only doing a lesser amount of dailies, still in good shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dilbon View Post
    It's only six weeks to get exalted with all if you do dailies every day. After that you are free. Free!
    so, 42 days of grinding daily quests....that are tedious and boring...that is a waste of time imo. I could do other things like say play call of duty blops 2, halo 4, darksiders 2, go outside, go to the gym etc etc and the funny part is everything i just mentioned is a LOT more fun than these dailys. I refuse to do them on my alts even with the rep buff in 5.1. I absolutely loathe this system in mop and amazingly it is the only thing i hate about the expansion. It needs to be fixed and fixed asap, I understand they want to bring people out to the world, but daily quest grind should not be the way they do it. Once everyone is exalted this will just turn into a hang in whichever shrine you belong to and que for everything anyways.

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    The two simple options:
    1) Don't do the dailies
    2) Don't play the game

    If you still enjoy the other aspects of the game I'd suggest not doing the dailies, or at least, not doing all of them every day so that you don't burn yourself out and end up wanting to choose option 2.

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    1) Instead of making an alt account to complain here, go on the Blizzard forums and complain. People are sick of hearing about it here.

    2) You don't have to do do dailies. They're optional content unless you have profession patterns in mind. Mounts, gear and the like are luxuries and not needed through dailies. You can grind gear perfectly fine through heroics and drops in LFR, you just leave it up to RNG instead of a definite timeframe in which you get an item.

    3) People wanted Blizzard to give them more to do in the game instead of sitting in a capitol city with their thumbs up their butts. This is their answer. Have a better idea? Use the suggestion button in the help interface in-game.

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    Don't do them you won't miss anything fundamental

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    Dailies are counterproductive and forcing us to do things that aren't fun at all. It should be an option, not a mandatory feature.

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    Klaxxi and Golden Lotus take 2 hours? WTF are you doing?

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    I don't see why people do things they don't like, you don't need any of the crap that comes off the vendors anyways. If you don't like it but still want rewards either shut up and deal with it or do them over time and not every day, just whenever you feel up to it.

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    a one-post-guy opening a thread that could lead to yet another flamewar. Not to mention that THIS horse is not only dead, it has been rezzed and died again!

    Yeah, not biting. Have fun though *walks away whistling a merry tune*

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    It's not ruining my gaming experience. In fact, it has been an improvement to my gaming experience!

    In the sense that 5 people in my 10 man raid group (myself included) have ceased to play the game, and are having enjoyable gaming experiences elsewhere!

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    Ok well i understand my OP came off as QQ but im actually more concerned how it is affecting the social aspect of the game again thats up for debate as well but thats the direction i want this thread to aspect.

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    Killer suggestion: Don't do them.

    Normal raid modes are designed to be beaten in game from heroic 5 mans.
    Guild have cleared HM raid modes with their members just being honored with factions that comes from questing
    ..and with a valor cap of 1000 VP you can only buy a piece of gear every 2 weeks anyhow. long did you plan to wait and gear through VP gear before you start raiding anyhow?

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    I'm doing dailies two groups at a time. I'm doing Tillers and GL til exalted. Then I will take the next 2. Then the next 2. I'm in no hurry to rush to the end. I have so many friends pulling their hair out cause their uber-raider guildies are keep saying "Get geared or lose your spot". One of them finally got wise (he hates dailies with a passion) and started running Heroics, SHA of Anger groups, Scenarios, and is crafting stuff too. He now has a iLvL470, way ahead of his rep grinding buddies and hasn't touched a single daily. I was really happy for him. Me? I want the recipes and mounts... the gear is a bonus, but I am not a hardcore raider. But I suppose if I was, I would follow a certain DK by doing Heroics, SHA of Anger groups, Scenarios, and crafting stuff. Feels like more options to me than just the same old dailies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critcross View Post
    Ok well i understand my OP came off as QQ but im actually more concerned how it is affecting the social aspect of the game again thats up for debate as well but thats the direction i want this thread to aspect.
    I would advise you to head to the official forums. WoW is in a funny state right now. I get more reasoned debate and discourse on the official forums then here. The zealous group of players who currently enjoys the system will brook no change or modification, hell they won't admit theirs a problem. The official forums have much better debates.

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