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    New to PvP (Arena) Healing, Tips?

    I've played melee in arena ever since Wrath (S6 onwards), and have recently switched to monk. I've been gearing out Windwalker, but it doesn't seem very viable in arena if I'm looking to hit 2200. So the only viable option, I think, is to go heals. I've never healed in arena so what are some things I should learn how to do? Obviously juke casting is something I need to get really good at, but I'm referring to things such as burst healing, escaping, etc. If there are any 2200 healers that are willing to give any tips out it would be much appreciated.

    PS - Please don't say level a new class... D:

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    As far as when your being trained:

    Juking warriors does nothing until the next patch unless your on crazy silence dr.

    Use that overpowered mini-evasion stun protection that monks have to get distance or do what you gotta do when a warrior charges you etc.

    I don't play a healer or a monk right now, but the best monk healers I encounter respond to being trained by kiting well using their mobility and that stun protection rather than trying to just heal through it.

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    My monk is only level 39, but from what i've seen so far the monk is quite a mobile class with quite a few cooldowns at hand, use that to keep yourself alive when being trained, pop a cool down and roll the fuck out of there ^_^

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    you have to watch tfb against warrior and use cooldowns appropriately
    if you're experienced with arena you shouldn't have too many problems healing ... just remember you're not always where the action is and your positioning is far more important than as a melee

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    Yes they can kite, but every other game I played I ended up not focussed, so had to look after my teammates.
    Not much you can do with your mobility other than risking going into the field to do your (melee range) cc and then gtfo before you get chain cc-d...

    But yes, if they do focus you, kite forever.

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    It is a whole different level then dps, you have to be more aware of your positioning, keep hots on your teamates and pillar hump like no other.

    Set your portal in a good spot, and be mana conservative.

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    Position is everything as healer.

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    Prety much what Principe said there are two types of positioning for a healer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9Kil1tPQPs cata video but it still has a point

    sodah he rerolled resto druid but his positioning in this video was really good http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrbDS...=results_video
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