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    Progress patch for a somewhat newly formed guild?

    So an hour ago we finally finished normal MSV, but are not sure where to head next. Either trying to kill 2/6 HM in MSV or focusing on HoF. What do you thing will be easier for a group of not so experienced raiders?(we are 10 irl friends that started raiding in MoP with nearly no experience during Cataclysm)

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    Well you could try HoF since it is higher ilevel it would make MSV HM less difficult.

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    Clear N HoF so you can do N ToES. The elite mode in there is super easy and drops 503 ilvl. Sha-Touched weps drop in there too. You'll also need to be killing Sha of Fear every week to start making gems.

    That said, 2/6H MSV is super easy. Some of the N HoF bosses are harder.

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