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    DK dps looking for a late night guild, starts at 23:00 only please :)

    I'll put a little information about myself here:

    I am 18, I am a student, currently on a gap year, i start school very late, but I also have late night commitments (at normal raiding hours.) I am English, and I play the OP class of a DK. This expansion I have only been raiding 10 man, however, I have raided 25 man heroic on my mage, I don't mind which raid size your guild is, I have a few logs of my 10 man raids, and I will probably jump into LFR at some point to get some more, I have I think 4 top 100 rankings (10 man).

    I would like for your guild to have a semi hard core raiding atmosphere, 2-3/6 hc would be just fine, more is a huge bonus. My battletag is Emberblade 2623, feel free to contact me. Btw if I'm posting in the wrong forums can you tell me where to post? cheers.

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