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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehterokkar View Post
    Having to spend nearly $3000 for laptop to get the same performance as a ~$800 desktop seems a bit stupid imo, considering the screen isn't even big, I got a 4 year old Acer laptop with 18.4'' full HD screen.
    you cant fold up a $800 desktop and put it in your backpack

    also, "full HD" is just 1920x1080, there is nothing special about it

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    Well it seems you guy know what your talking about.

    Anyhow about that Fps issue.And the statment that i really need to buy a new computer.

    Im really thinking of opening the laptop and drill some holes in the cower,maybe that will help 2 cool the laptop.

    I did download the Core Temp.And i do get a 78% load of my processors.

    The thread about low fps it that one still up to date?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talizmanx View Post
    Right seems most of you do recommend me to get a stationary Computer.

    I did uppgrade my ram memory to 8gig but well i dont see any big improvments there. :/

    Before Mop i did not have any Fps issues but now it seems just to increase.

    I will Download game booster and lower my res just so i can survive this weekend.
    As it is now its just unberable.

    And thanx for all the replyes.
    Cheapest laptop id recommend is $1169, so if thats not in your range a desktop is a must.

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