View Poll Results: Best looking male alliance race (gear/look wise)

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  • Worgen

    5 25.00%
  • Human

    11 55.00%
  • Panda

    4 20.00%
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    Race change - best looking male race

    This is following my best race for a dps warrior I'm taking the 3 highest voted races and 1 that I like and putting them into a looks contest because you seriously can't have a toon with bonuses without liking the looks o it can you? So im doing this on like facial features (beard, hair options, skin styles etc) as well as how gear looks on each of these (size, if it fits the race well, as well as the favourite transmog sets, as warriors plate gear) so these are the best pve/pvp voted in order Worgen, human, pandaren, so which ever of the top 2 (Worgen, human) gets the best reviews I'll most likely pick that one, I'm guessing I'll be getting at least one rage about seeing each of those before but I haven't seen every gear set! Do please comment and vote in the poll for looks!

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    I'd say human as they are very popular and can look well (especially warriors) but you could also go worgen because while your not in combat you get to be a human but then again, Human combat animations are preferred (by me).

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    I think the overall look of a Worgen is bad-ass, but for some reason I hated the Worgen warrior animations. They were too exaggerated and silly-looking. Also, certain gear pieces such as helms didn't seem to fit all the way. Before I went Horde, it was gnome all the way. Escape Artist can't be beat, and because you're so tiny people target you last in BGs. And there's something awesome about the juxtaposition of a tiny, knee-high gnome taking on massive in-game monsters and beasts.

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    Human imo out of those 3, pandaren are decent, but I'm not a fan of them in plate. Worgen I can't stand.

    Personally I'd prefer a dwarf, but that's just me.

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