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    Suggest a game? (Wall-of-Text warning)

    As the title says

    Im aware that you 'cant suggest a game I would like as it is all up to personal preference' but I will attempt to describe the feature I enjoy most in a game. I have been looking for a new 'main' game for quite a few years to no avail so I will now put myself in the capable and experienced hands of the internets.

    In the past I have loved WoW (solely TBC, although I have continued to play, it has remained very casual and used mainly as a time sink these days), I also really enjoyed Runescape (I know, easy kid-game) Im actually 21 years old, I just really loved that game in the past.

    What I loved about these games was the exclusivity, customisability and the uniqueness you could create in your character by completing difficult/tedious/lengthy tasks. Both of these games have however become extremely homogenized and easy, with little reward for your efforts that differentiat yourself from the casual players as the spastics that play games want to be on the same level as a person that LOVES that game, and therefor puts alot of effort into perfecting their playstyle.

    To sum my preferences up, I like being able to be idolized in a game. In TBC WoW, having amazing looking pieces of gear, that were very rarely seen and were equally powerful as their rarity. In runescape, spending 100's of tedious hours and accuring millions of gold allowed you to accumulate items that 95% of the play-base would only ever dream of attaining. I like being rewarded for time well spent, being efficient in playstyle and that being recognized by some form of benefits capable of creating envy.

    I also like the game to be mostly solo content. Similar to Diablo 3 in that you farm mobs for hours in order to attain rewards, however, diablo 3 doesnt offer any opportunity to show off your hard work as there is no 'central hub', unless you are in a game with a person, the world will never know of your many hard hours grinding pixels :P. So again, something similar to old runescape in which you solo'd skills whenever you pleased to attain rewards that would help you skill better, gaining more experience, enabling you to climb the highscores faster than most.

    I dont like games that are 'individual games' as such (like most fps games, and games like dota/hon/lol) although those types of game can be fun, and you have the chance to quickly show others your superior skill... once the game is won (or lost) you may never see those players again, and you are left with nothing showing your victory other than maybe an arbitrary number next to your name.

    If anyone out there can direct me to a game similar to old WoW/Runescape with perhaps a high level of difficulty and alot of solo content I would be very appreciative, if not, I guess im stuck playing sub-par games for a while

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    No luck so far :\

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    No luck so far :\
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