Thread: Patch tomorrow?

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    Patch tomorrow?

    I know it shouldnt hit for maybe another week or two, but bit odd there being an extended maintenance tomorrow, 3am-11am when its normally 5am-11am or just restarts.

    anyone else got the feeling its tomorrow?
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    I would be surprised if it's tomorrow. But then again, the next patch does not contain any raid content that requires extensive testing. It could hit live tomorrow but I doubt it. It might be one of those pre-patch touch ups they like to do.

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    If the mmo-champ front pages doesn't say anything about it coming tomorrow, then I think it won't be coming. BB is really good at predicting the release of patches.

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    Sorry, I dont get that feeling in the least, but who knows.

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    It is extremely unlikely

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    My guess is next week.
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    Yes, that extra 2 hours seems very suspicious and they could be up to something sneaky.


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    Very very unlikely in most cases

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    Don't think so. They would have said something by then. But it looks like nothing new is being added to PTR so I guess the patch is released next week. I look forward to it.

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    I would put my money on next week and tomrrw is some prep for next tuesday but who knows

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    They won't release it tomorrow as tomorrow is when the last part of LFR is opened up. That, or it's not finished yet.

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    Maybe they've learnt from last maintenance, who knows.

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    They're probably doing accounting for extended maintenance like last week and the week before. 3 AM - 11 AM is better than 5 AM to 3 PM.

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