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    [H] <Kinetic> lvl 25 10m 1/6 H MSV, 3/6 HoF - US ARTHAS - LF RDPS and Healer

    <Kinetic> Is a lvl 25 guild with two 10m Raid teams. Both raid teams have a similar schedule of raiding Mon-Wed late evening. If you are tired of raiding with a bunch of elitist pricks who think only of themselves, come raid with us! We like to have fun AND down bosses. Whether it's hanging out in vent and shooting the sh1t, running heroics to help gear up alts or even a little pvp action, we like to succeed and have a good time.

    We are looking for a skilled mage, warlock or shadow priest. We are also in need of an exceptional healer who plays a resto shammy, MW monk, or a disc priest. If you are one of the above, please apply at our website (kineticofarthas . enjin . com ((Remove spaces)) and if you're not, apply anyway! We are always looking for exceptional players.

    As I said earlier, we have two raid teams. Team Bath Salts lead by Shakarn and Aellas and Team F*ck it, we're doin it live, lead by Shenanignism, Hoopharted and Syonide. Our raid schedules are as follows...

    Team Bath Salts
    Mon-Wed 9pm - 1am server (Eastern time)
    Thurs 945pm - 1am server

    Team F*ck it, we're doin it live
    Mon-Wed 9pm -12am server (Eastern time)

    Both raids have similar progression and run a loot council system. There is zero loot drama in our raids as we understand loot to be a means to the end (downing bosses) rather than the end itself. Kinetic provides all raid flasks, potions, repair bills and feasts for our raids.

    If we sound like a guild you would like to be a part of, please take a look at our website and submit an application (kineticofarthas . enjin . com((remove spaces)) or hit up, in game (Horde side, Arthas server), any of the following officers, Shenanignism, Shakarn, Syonide, Aellas or Hoopharted. Or you can just /who Kinetic and find anyone who will direct you to an officer that's online at the time. Thanks for taking a look and we hope to hear from you.
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    In addition to those classes/specs already listed, we are looking for a HPally, and a tank due to schedule conflicts. We are also 3/6 HoF now. Thanks for taking a look at our recruiting thread. We hope to hear from you.
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