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    Leveling another JC made me wonder.

    Whatever happened to the stone statues past 300 skill?

    I would have loved to see them continue. They were interesting and could have been a mildly useful perk. Especially as my new JC is a mage and could have used them in conjunction with Ice Block.

    Is there any reason why they dropped them past Vanilla JCing?

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    JC was introduced with BC. They dropped most non engineering character power items, all for the same reason. They tend to be required in raids and add farmtime. Of course, some like the LW drums are still functional and now widely used in challenge modes, but the JC ones simply outscaled. I agree though, I would like to have some updated ones. They used to be useful.

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    The JC ones were NEVER intended to be used at max level, and as such never were made at that level.

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    Cause there is no more stone after dense

    But really, they removed all the cool "fringe" items when they balanced professions to keep people from complaining (like that will ever happen) Giving JCers a bit of extra healing, or giving BS's a bit of extra damage from the Sharpening stones, was scrapped.

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